What I am LOVING Right Now

I am so happy that I finally get to do another one of these articles! It is no secret that I’ve been somewhat disappointed with most of Lululemon’s offerings this past little while. But TODAY, I am proud to report that I have found love again! Their last couple of uploads have added a few items that I absolutely love and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you today.

The first item that has “piqued” my interest is the Kitsilano Long Sleeve in Coco Pique:

Coco Pique is back, my friends. I am definitely excited. This version is slightly thinner, in my opinion, but perhaps that is item-dependent. So, maybe if we see some Wunder Unders they’ll be thicker. As a layering piece, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for the fabric to be a little lighter than the Coco Pique I am used to, especially since it felt equally luxuriously soft.

The next item I am excited about is the Rest Less 1/2 Zip. I have a couple of the Rest Less pullovers in my closet from last year, and I am happy to see that they’ve come up with a new iteration of an item I’ve enjoyed. Plus, the Black/White and Black/ Dark Cast colors are so cute! There is also a Black/ Armory, which is shown in the close up photo below, as you can see there is a green tone to it.  Not for me, but I love the other two! Note: They did not yet have this in my local store, so I haven’t tried it on- yet, looking forward to seeing it next time I stop in!

Next up! Shape Up Pullover. I think we were all waiting for the day we’d see Nulu in tops. I was so excited to try this on because the Nulu fabric is really the softest thing that Lulu offers these days- even more soft than Rulu, IMO. Although, I could be imagining that. Rulu IS really soft too. Bottom line: This item does not disappoint. The lines are fantastic. They give real shape to your figure. One thing that is difficult to see on the website is that there is a seam under the bust line. I think it adds to the shape of the garment, but it is difficult to see, given all the crossed arms in the photos online. There are thumbholes, and the hood is great too! This one’s a keeper!

The next item that I would like to share is The Extra Mile Long Sleeve. For me, for a long time, Lululemon always meant “going the extra mile” in terms of details. The thing that attracted me to the clothing was the innovation and the details. This item has details.

Thumbholes and Cuffins, Shoulder and Wrist rouche-style details, Reflective piping on the arms, small zip-up pocket. Perfect.

I also noticed that outerwear has popped up on the website. Last time I was in the store- two days ago- they had not yet received it. I will be trying whatever we get on in-store if/when it arrives. I have high hopes this season given what I’ve seen the last couple of uploads.

What do you think of the Fall rollout?

Let me know in the comments!



The Most Hunted Unicorn to date

Speed Shorts, $623. Speed Crops: $712. Speed Tights: $800 Speed Shorts: $910 Speed Shorts: $980 Hats for $300 and bras for $200.

It is evident that Lululemon’s Rainbow Reflective Splatter Print is popular. The Speed shorts, which retailed at Sea Wheeze this year for $128 CAD, have been selling online for hundreds of dollars.

They, in my opinion, are the most gorgeous item that Lululemon has put out in… years? They have really outdone themselves.

Lululemon Speed Tights 5 Rainbow Reflective 3lululemon speed tights 5 rainbow reflective

I am literally in LOVE with all of the things. Especially the Speed Shorts and Speed Tights. I had a conversation with a my mother-in-law that went along the lines of “What would you do with $800- other than buy these pants?” Responses included: Pay the mortgage, pay my car note for 3 months, – buy 12 pairs of REGULAR Speed Shorts? The dollar amount acknowledged- These are totally gorgeous and I am stoked for anyone who can get their hands on them. I hope they get plenty of love & wear. 🙂

What do y’all think of these?

Trying on the Culture Clash Wunder Unders

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday Funday! I haven’t been in a Lululemon for a while- because, frankly, things were not grabbing my attention. But I did see the new pattern and wanted to try on something to see if I liked it. It somewhat reminds me of the last confetti pattern that came out (capoeira-multi), although it isn’t even remotely similar in person at all.

Initial thoughts on these are that, much like the capoeira pattern: they are not for me. But the fabric on these is gorgeously soft, and I didn’t find that the pattern sheered out on the [ahem] larger parts of me. They are 69% Nylon and 31% Lycra, lined in white. The length is perfect for me, hitting just below the knee. Overall, I love this style, the “Wunder Under HR 1/2 Tight *F” is awesome! However, the pattern is not. I walked out with the Tech Mesh Wunder Unders in Submarine instead.

What do you think of the Culture Clash pattern? Let me know in the comments.

Lulu Has Missed The Mark This Spring

Hello everyone,

I saw this article, it was widely shared in my groups and across Facebook, and I just had to write about it. I feel like I’ve been talking about the general lack of color and boredom I’ve been feeling surrounding Lululemon’s offerings for months. This is actually one of the reasons I’ve been writing about other things, like LuLaRoe. Finally, VINDICATION! The market has acknowledged my feelings regarding Lululemon lately, and the CEO has acknowledged my, and countless other fans’ opinions. Does Laurent Potdevin read my blog? Is he in the Lululemon Facebook groups? Because I think we all could have told him that Lululemon needed to produce more colorful “Spring” items. And can Lululemon PLEASE bring back the feminine details, ruffles, ruching and personal touches? I miss the little messages inside pockets or under cuffins. And where have those cuffins been anyhow? Have thumbholes been nearly completely done away with? I know that I am not alone in having noticed that items have been degraded and renamed. The Cool Racerbacks have been renamed to Cool Racerback 2, shortened, narrowed, and had the fabric “innovated” (read: cheapened). I can see it now, “Swift Tech Long Sleeve Crew! Now without thumbholes, silverescent and underarm venting!” Sounds like a terrifying future for the Lululemon we all love. Except that that last one is true. Some of the new LS Swiftlies have no underarm venting- it’s only a matter of time before “cost-cutting measures” become more important than retaining brand value, quality and innovation. I worry that that time has already come for many in Lululemon Leadership.

The Lululemon We All Love

But for some, the love is gone. I know that many of us remember staying up late waiting for upload. We would hop on a group, and comment in threads our upload predictions and wish lists. Ah, nostalgia. We’d share our shopping carts and share in the excitement that in a few days, we could share try-on reports and tell people who were curious but not interested enough to hit the “add to cart” button how we felt about our purchases. Were we in love? Did we return? Is this a future unicorn? What’s the concensus?

That excitement is gone. I no longer even remember to check upload night until I am reminded by a Facebook post. I certainly don’t “wait up”- or even get excited. I used to still be somewhat interested in WMTM uploads on Thursdays, but I almost never check anymore, even for the sale prices. And, while we’re on the topic: $9 off a $68 item, is not a sale. In fact, can we stop pretending that raising the price of a LS Swiftly from $68 to $78, then putting it on sale for $69 is a generous discount? This just means that instead of paying $10 extra for an item, we only have to pay $1 extra.

On Quality

Careful vs. Careless

It used to be that gaffs and quality issues were rare. So rare, indeed were these quality issues that they became scandals, reported on the blogs, and on news outlets and gossiped about within the community. I have spoken about quality before, on quite a few occasions. I remember a time when nearly every item on Lululemon’s website had 4-star and above reviews. I remember a more careful Lululemon, where fabric choices, fit and function were fundamental considerations, instead of the afterthought. I remember when I didn’t have to check to make sure that an item wasn’t 90% Polyester. I am not even going to touch the sizing inconsistencies, but what about function? Where have all the functional pieces been? Too much Leisure, not enough Athlete.


My Opinion On a Future Advertising Campaign

Recently, Lululemon has expressed an intention to start a formal ad campaign, a step away from their current community marketing campaign. Here are my thoughts on that:

I used to ignore Lululemon. I felt like they advertised directly to me. Even though they didn’t have a formal ad campaign, to me, it was everywhere. That positive, aspirational brand spoke to me. So, I ignored it because I don’t like being “sold” things. Then one day, I went in the store. Everything was so bright and fun. And the sales people were happy and treated me like a human- instead of a customer. And the stuff was pricey, but the details were delightful. I fell in love with Pace Setters and Paris Pink. Less than a year later, I had started a small collection and my obsession with the brand grew from there.

My point is that Lululemon did not need formal advertising to gain me, or the market share it has today. It needs to continue to rely on the viral marketing campaign it has relied on from the beginning, which is why keeping its core fan base happy is so important. Lulu, if you want, go ahead, hire more ambassadors, and give more people R&D discounts for being walking billboards, but in all honesty, a formal advertising campaign will help you sell only slightly more than what you already sell. And at what cost? Starting a formal ad campaign might cause your brand to lose cache. Additionally, Lululemon is known for its irreverence. Lululemon’s core supporters never left over Brahmacharya, we moved on. We keep buying the clothes and we move on. Or how about this? Or this? Well, Lululemon can’t go around offending people during a massive ad campaign. Mass appeal will mean that Lululemon will have to adjust its target audience from Ocean and Duke to Jane and John. Lululemon will lose its edginess, in favor of commercial appeal. Will Lululemon remain an aspirational brand? Maybe. However, I am concerned that the massive campaign will alienate core supporters.

Lululemon is more popular among women than Nike. Last year, Nike spent $804 million on “demand creation,” which included advertising, brand events and digital marketing. Lululemon’s marketing budget is nowhere to be found, and marketing expenses are rolled into general administrative expenses in SEC filings, so there is no official number I could find for them. Please link down below if you find one! The point is, Lululemon spends no where near that much on ads. And is outperforming Nike in the women’s athletic apparel market. An ad campaign is unlikely to make a huge difference, and Lululemon should be cautious with how it spends investor dollars.

My final thought on this is: Do it if you want to. Do it if you think you’ll make more money than you’ll spend on the campaign. But don’t do it for old school, big-money investors who don’t understand the current marketing model (viral) that is the very thing that helped bring LULU to where it is now.

The Future of Lululemon 

I think that someone needs to turn this company around and listen to the fans. This core group of influencers have been around for forever and have supported the brand through everything. This company has made some great moves this past year, like honoring “Dufflegate” and the Women’s Day discount. However, there has been plenty for people like me, true fans, to complain about. I think Lulu could get us to spend more, assuming they want to be a profitable company, if they returned to what made them popular. Some of their stuff doesn’t even look like Lululemon anymore. Lululemon is feminine, attractive, youthful and fit. Not boxy, drab, tired and frumpy. But that is what the designs evoke lately. Lululemon’s future depends on a triumphant return to what made them popular in the first place. Those fun designs, those functional, durable pieces that have a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude!


UPLOAD: Grey, Grey, Grey, Grey, Black, Swim, Dark Blue, and Grey.

Spring? Spriiiing!? Where are you? It was 27 Celsius (warm!) and Sunny yesterday. I thought Spring was here! Spring? The equinox has come & gone. Daylight Savings time is over, Sping is officially here! Except it’s nowhere to be found! At least it is next to completely abscent from Lululemon’s most recent upload! 

Wunder Unders, in an array of lengths and rises. And if you don’t like Wunder Unders in this print, why not try some Inspire Tights? “Buy our collection of Cityscape Grey items: Just in time for Spring!”

For the record, this color is actually called “arrow jacquard battleship silver spoon.”

Oh, you don’t like this grey? Please, try one of our other Shades of Grey. We heard that Shades of Grey are a popular thing among our target market!

This one on the left is called “sea spray alpine white dark chrome.” And the one on the top right is called “slate/ white,” while the bottom one is called “bit point ice grey black.” Will you buy these grey items?

Grey is fine and good. I have some grey in my wardrobe. But where are the bright pinks? Where are the Bleached Coral, Beach Blanket Blue, Ray, Lilac colors? Give me a pastel! To be clear, there are some “colors” on Lululemon.com. They include Dark Olive, Deep Rouge and Midnight Navy. These are all dark colors. Great for Fall and Winter, but the literal opposite of what I, an many others, crave right now! Spring. 

Come on, Lulu, Bring on the Spring.

 Just my opinion, tell me yours in the comments!

Upload: Signs of Spring

Hello everyone! 

I am actually pretty happy about the upload this week. I don’t love everything (the Glide and Stride line is mostly not my style), but I can see signs of life (Spring) in Lululemon’s color palette. And this pleases me.

First off, I did notice that the Define jacket I saw in the listing for the headband a week ago has been uploaded, so if you’re in need of a red Define jacket, there is one online now. I already have the Diamond Jacquard Berry Space Dye Define, so I likely will not get this one, but it is a pretty color. Also: it’s not black or some variation of black.

Now, on to other things.

I am a very big fan of the new Veridian Green items. All the Swiflies look fabulous in this color. 

I also noticed a few items in the new Lip Gloss color

While I do like this color, it looks so similar to Boom Juice, I’m afraid to add any of it to my collection without seeing it in-store first. I hope I can do a color comparison for y’all!

I really like this new Smooth Stride tank. It’s made of Seriously Light Luxtreme. I don’t love the sea spray alpine white dark chrome color, but am liking the Veridian green. The black one is nice too, but… it’s black. 

While I know that people are always excited to see new Align colors, doesn’t Blueberry Jam just look like a slighty brighter version of Midnight Navy? I know a lot of you out there would love to have both, but do you need both? Are these different enough to justify having both? Let me know what you think. I would probably choose Blueberry Jam. Which would you choose?

Finally, these new Wunder Unders caught my eye. I would LOVE to see them in person!

This color is called Heathered Deep Navy. It is gorgeous.

Did you like anything this time around? What do you think about the new colors? Let me know in the comments!

Better Things to Come…

Hello everyone! The last few weeks have been snooze-fests for me, in terms of uploads. I’ve been visiting my local store and checking out uploads on Tuesdays, and I’ve been less than impressed. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed the “Hot Like Agni” line- with the exception of the pants, but the crops, bra and singlet were all lovely. Other than that, I have found Lululemon’s new offerings bland and uninspired. Unfortunately, beginning around the holidays, Lululemon switches to a black/white/ and sometimes pink colorway. It stays predominantly black & white until the end of the holiday return period, so that returns can be easily integrated into the color scheme on the sales floor instead of sticking out too much. Then, along come the early Spring releases. Aren’t they usually out by now? Last year by this time we already saw some coral (Make A Move shorts) and bright pink (Speed Track shorts). Remember the Capoeira pants? They came out around now last year too. 

Capoeira Pants from late Feb 2016

This Tuesday, the upload consisted of some muted blues and a bunch more black, white and grey. There is a lovely red color that reminds me of Cranberry called “Deep Rouge.” I am somewhat excited about the Cool Racerback in that color, but nothing else so far. 

However, I did notice this gem in the product information for the Fringe Fighter in the heathered version of this Deep Rouge color. 

That’s a pretty gorgeous Define jacket right there. Perhaps a sign of better things to come.

In the meantime, I’m missing pretty pastels and bright colors. I can’t wait for the palette to change from muted, autumn tones to bold, lively spring ones. 

What are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments!