Trying on the Culture Clash Wunder Unders

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday Funday! I haven’t been in a Lululemon for a while- because, frankly, things were not grabbing my attention. But I did see the new pattern and wanted to try on something to see if I liked it. It somewhat reminds me of the last confetti pattern that came out (capoeira-multi), although it isn’t even remotely similar in person at all.

Initial thoughts on these are that, much like the capoeira pattern: they are not for me. But the fabric on these is gorgeously soft, and I didn’t find that the pattern sheered out on the [ahem] larger parts of me. They are 69% Nylon and 31% Lycra, lined in white. The length is perfect for me, hitting just below the knee. Overall, I love this style, the “Wunder Under HR 1/2 Tight *F” is awesome! However, the pattern is not. I walked out with the Tech Mesh Wunder Unders in Submarine instead.

What do you think of the Culture Clash pattern? Let me know in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “Trying on the Culture Clash Wunder Unders”

  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and what a great find!! I was actually googling for a specific question and I think you might be able to help me out! I have 2 pairs of older (2-5 years) Wunder Under crops. I absolutely adore the fabric as I have 2 labs who shed like crazy and this fabric was somewhat slick and never clung to dog hair or piled (except at the seams, different issue…). Unfortunately they have developed holes and I can no longer wear. for the past year-ish I have been looking over and over for this same type of fabric but all I come across is a much thicker, “cottony” feel to them that acts like a dog hair magnet and piles like crazy in the thigh area. I was wondering if you would happen to know what the old fabric may have been made up of so I can make sure to check the description before purchasing online? Or if there is a certain style that Lulu carries with similar characteristic? Thank you so much!!

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    1. The issue is actually the quality of the Luon. Ask any Lulu Addict and they’ll tell you that the quality of the Luon has gone down. Unfortunately, that means a higher propensity for pilling. Your best bet is to try to find older pairs of WUs (think pre-2013). Thanks for your question!


  2. The Culture Clash print is abrasive. Not what I am looking for when I’m trying to get my zen on. The pattern is just too bold, the colors too bright, I won’t be purchasing a single things in it.

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