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Welcome! Bienvenue! Wilkommen! Bienvenido! Vitejte! Welkom! Benvenuto!

Welcome, no mater how you say it, it’s a warm invitation to come on in! I want to take the time to invite people to my blog and let people know what this blog is about. Thanks for being here! This blog is primarily about Lululemon. And, while I love Lululemon clothing, this blog has evolved into a place for me to share other things I love and various happenings in my life.

This blog is also a place for me to satisfy my irresistible urge to write. I love to write, it is a passion of mine and I enjoy being able to share that with others.

Finally, this blog is a place for me to help other people. I’m hoping that through my experiences and my accumulated knowledge, I can give practical, relevant advice that people like you can put to good use!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my blog!

22 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Do you have any info on how to tell apart different generations of Lululemon Scuba hoodies? One of my local consignment shops has a few, and I’d like to be able to tell if they’re legit, but two of them are missing tags. Are there characteristics that indicate real or fake?

    As an example, one of them is a dark chocolate brown with a tiny pocket where the tag would be – I’ve never seen this before on other Lulu hoodies so I thought it might just be much older than I’m used to seeing, or maybe it’s a knockoff.

    Anyway any blog post or other tips you might have would be appreciated 🙂 thanks and happy holidays!


    1. Hey! Thanks for your interest in my blog! I dont have any advice for you immediately, but if you’re concerned about fakes, i would definitely check out my “time to talk about fakes post,” though I’m sure you already have. Different generations of Scubas do have different properties and I also have a post called “All about Scubas.” If you’re finding things at a consignment shop, and they look new, I’d be concerned about authenticity, but i would also look primarily for the size dot. If it’s stuck like crazy, it’s probably real. If it doesn’t have a rip out tag OR a size dot, only the quality will give away whether it’s real or not and that can be difficult to discern. Uneven stitching is the biggest giveaway if you ask me. As for telling different generations apart, I may have to add a section on that to my Scuba post- Or write a new one, but I’ll have to do some research first. Sorry I can’t be more helpful- thanks for writing!


      1. Hi there. I would like to send you photos of a men’s (hopefully) Lululemon running jacket I picked up at Value Village. I would like some help in identifying it because all of the tags have been cut out of it. How do I send my e-mail to you without posting it in these comments for everyone to see? I’m not on FB or Twitter.


        1. Hello Brian! Unfortunately I don’t share my email on here, but creating a Twitter account is free! I look forward to connecting with you. Alternatively, you can post your email here and I will erase the comment after I copy it down.


    1. Hi Lorna! Im currently out of the country, so internet access is a little difficult to come by, but I’ll certainly do my best to help you. If you have a photo of your jumpsuit, please post it to a Pinterest board and place the link here so I can take a look! I hope to hear from you soon!


    1. I see! I don’t specifically have a post on Ivivva! Sorry, I am not familiar enough to comment on the market for that, but I’ve seen it online here and there. I hope you can find what you’re looking for!


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