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Hello everyone,

My name is Shannon and I’m an avid Lululemon Collector, and have been since 2010. I want to help other people discover the brand that I love. I use my Lulu primarily for casual wear but I also do yoga, and workout on a semi-regular basis.

I’m currently a college student working on my business degree. I love to read and write- especially about Lululemon!

I can probably write about Lululemon FOREVER, but I’m not so good at this writing about myself stuff, so I guess, if you have any questions you can write them in the space below 🙂


March 24, 2016

In the process of making myself more available, including starting to share on social media, I’ve decided to create a dedicated email address for this account. Please know that I will always reply if you comment on my blog, as long as it doesn’t get spam filtered, which, unfortunately, does happen sometimes. Tips: don’t use links, or inappropriate language. I will also reply faster if you comment on my blog OR if you Tweet me @lululemonexpert. This email is just an extra method for me to open myself up to the world, and for you to engage with me. I would especially be interested in hearing your opinions on my blog and your ideas about what you’d like to see me blog about!


Thank you for following and I look forward to hearing from you!


Hello everyone! I crossed out “currently a college student” above because I’ve graduated! I am so excited for my next steps in life and for this blog!

UPDATE, January 1, 2018

You can now find me on YouTube!

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  1. Hiya! What exactly do you mean by “PayPal as Gift or Buyer Pays Fees”? I know sellers have to pay a fee (although I’m unsure of the percentage) but is it possible to have the buyer pay the fee?

    1. Hello! Thanks for your question! I started to answer it, but it was hundreds of words long, so I decided to write a new post about “The Difference Between Paying As Gift & As Goods On PayPal.” Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi, know anything the the seller luxe_global_trading? Pleasanton, CA. Just purchased go lightly cross body bag from them. No typos on the tags in English of French, lulu tag not on the tear out tag, came in a plastic bag that had a tear??.

    1. I’ve never heard of that seller, but for this particular case, I’d recommend either going into a store to have your bag authenticated or contacting customer service. Without a picture or listing to consult, it’s hard for me to know whether it’s authentic or not. If you’re really worried, eBay almost always sides with the buyer, so you can always return it, especially if you feel that you received something that was ‘not as described.’ I wouldn’t mind checking it out if you linked the listing. Thanks for your question!

          1. Sorry, I got this error:
            The following critical errors have occurred
            Sorry, you are neither the buyer nor the seller for this transaction. Only the buyer or the seller can access this page

            I think that if you can send me the link to the original listing, I’ll be able to see it.

  3. looks like I can no longer send you the original listing so just have to hope it’s the real deal! Will know for the next time.

  4. Hi. I came across a website called lulu-lemons .org.
    They have reasonable prices if they really sell good
    Quality lulu clothing.
    Is this an authentic seller? Thank you.

  5. hi there, i was wondering if you knew of any reputable third party pre-owned lululemon clothes sellers? i am cleaning out my closet to move to a new city, but have too much lulu and i wanted to take this opportunity to sell some things but i find myself not having the time to do so. any suggestions? thanks so much!

    1. Hi there, I can’t think of anyone one who will give you a fair fraction of what your Lulu is worth. Twice clothing is a reputable third seller, but I doubt you’ll get half of what your stuff is worth. You absolute best bet in this situation, which I gather to be: you want to sell fast, is to make an itemized list and sell your items on Lulu Bones. Stick to the pricing guidelines, and even though they’re low, you’ll still get more than through a third party re-seller. If you’re truly in a hurry I would try a locally-owned consignment shop- I think they often give 50%, which is more than you’ll get from Twice, from what I can tell. (On their website it says: the average person gives 18 items and gets $50. That’s $2.50 an item. Most Lulu tanks, even super super old ones will bring $20 At the very least. I know this isn’t very promising, but I hope you can find the time to make a listing yourself. There’s no third party who will give you what it’s worth. If you need some encouragement, check the value of your items on ebay’s “advance search, sold items,” to see what it’s worth. I bet you have some unicorns you’re not even aware of!

  6. If you have purchased an item secondhand, is there a way to authenticate it without the ripout tag?

    1. Hi there I detail everything I know in my post about fakes. If you didn’t find an answer there, I always recommend taking the item into a Lululemon location to see if they can tell. I hope your item is indeed authentic!

  7. Hi! I just purchased a pair of Lululemon Wunder Under Reverisble Pants on ebay but I am worried they may be fake… I know this company is not the most consistent though but maybe you can tell by seeing the tag? I have the same pants in a different color and the fabric is completely different (the ebay pair is rouger and significantly thinner while my other pair from a Lulu store is super soft, smooth, and thicker). I feel like the tag may prove they are fake but I’ve been searching online and can’t find any answers… Is there a way for me to send you a pic of the tag? Would love your advice… I definitely want to fight for a return if they aren’t authentic. Thanks! -Amanda

    1. If you write to the seller and ask for a refund because you think that theyre not authentic, there is a really decent chance that they’ll take them back. I don’t share my contact information online, but if you write your email, i can contact you. Also: have you read my post about Fakes? Everything I know is posted there.

  8. I was turned off because the tag said “Wunder Under Pant*Rvrs” and most of the tags I could find online had it written as RVRS or rvrs… it also mentioned muffin top which I thought was weird but apparently that is a normal Lulu thing. It seems like they change up what their tags say ALL the time because I couldn’t find much in the way of consistency for what was written on the tags. What do you think ?

    1. I have seen the *asterisk* in front of RVRS before because it kind of went from a normal thing they always did to something they thought was special. (Especially with all the new fabrics and different types of Wunder Unders these days!) I would look for the Lulu Logos on both sides (if they are in fact reversoble they should be present on both sides), and did you buy Roll Down Wunder Unders? I think I have seen mentions of Muffin Top on Lulu tags before, because their waistband is “flat to prevent the dreaded muffin top.” This is especially true on the Roll Downs, if you ask me, since they ait so high. I recently purchased a couple of pairs on markdown, and I like the higher rise. Anyways, I hope this helps a little!

  9. Hi. I purchased a pair of “lululemon” capris from a higher end online designer store. They have a label inside that I have never seen. Can you assist me? Are the knockoffs?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. If you leave your email in a comment, i will be in touch. There are knockoffs, have you seen my post about Fakes? I hope it helps you.

  10. Hello,
    do all Lululemon pants come with a dot size stickers inside the pockets?
    I saw a Lululemon on Ebay that was made in Cambodia and it does come with the pocket size dot. It is an old model.

  11. Hello I need style names of some different Lululemon tops and pants. If I send you a picture, would you be able to assist me? I don’t think they are really old styles. Thank you

  12. Thanks for the diligent work in revealing fake Lululemons, I buy (and sell, from time to time) exclusively and often wonder if mine are authentic but I too have an eye for Lulu quality and design so I can pretty much spot a fake with a little bit of inspection.

  13. Have you ever seen authentic lululemon pants with a size tag and not a size dot? Just found a pair at a thrift store and was wondering about their authenticity. I can send pictures of the tag if needed.

  14. Hi Lulu expert. Thank you for your helpful posts.

    I bought a pacesetter skirt in Ebay and after extremely careful examination (and comparing it with a Pacesetter skirt that I bought myself at the Lululemon store), I would have no doubt it’s authentic– except for the fact that it’s missing a size dot. From what you said above to Brandon (and from what you say in another one of your posts), not all items have size dots. But my other pacesetter skirt does have a size dot, which makes me wonder. But everything about the skirt not only looks identical to the one I bought (including the grippy stuff on the shorts inside the skirt, the pocket, etc.), I think that this amount of detail on the pacesetter skirt would be very difficult to fake convincingly. The lack of size dot is my concern.

    For what it’s worth, the main reason I care is because I bought the wrong size– I bought a 6 forgetting that the one I own is a 6 tall (because I removed the tag). So I now want to sell it on Ebay myself, or try to trade it for a 6tall. And I want to make sure I’m not inadvertently selling something inauthentic. But again, I have no reason for doubt aside from the lack of size dot.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reaching out! I have to say, without seeing the item, it is of course, impossible to know for sure, but, as above, of course a size dot is not always present. Some items were manufactured without and others have the size dots fall off. That said, there are details on Pace Setters that also would indicate authenticity to me such as the “lululemon” written inside the grippy part. I’m not saying a fake couldn’t have that but the extra details are often missed in fakes. That said, I’ve personally never seen a fake Pace Setter but wouldn’t be shocked if they existed. I wish I could be more helpful, but without seeing the item I can not say for sure. Thanks for compliment on my blog! Glad you like it!

      1. Thank you! Would you mind if I sent you a few photos? If you don’t have time, I certainly understand– in that case, no worries.

        But yes– all the little details seem right. “lululemon” is written in script on the inside of the grippy part and the cursive looks exactly like it is in the skirt I own that I know is authentic. 🙂

        N.B. What’s funny to me about some of the telltale signs of fake Lululemon items is how blatant they are: Why would anyone who goes through the effort to fake a Lulu item do something as dumb as misspell ‘designed’? Just wondering…. Also, aren’t most Lululemon products designed in Vancouver and made in Indonesia (not China)?

        Thanks again,

        1. You can certainly use the email address I have listed to send photos! I will be happy to take a look. I agree about the lack of effort- but that is one of the reasons why they’re inferior products. Some of Lululemon’s products are made in China, but a lot are Malaysia and Indonesia, that’s right.

  15. Love your blog – thanks for all of the useful information! I just found a pair of Lulus at a thrift store and would like to try to resell them. However, I have no idea what style they are and I cannot find a size tag anywhere! I’d also like to verify that they are authentic. Do you think you may be able to help me out if I email you pictures?

  16. I just came across your blog and wasn’t too commend you for all the effort you put into helping others. 👍 I’m trying to find out if a hoodie I purchased from Posh is a fake, which I’m guessing it probably is because there isn’t one thing on the inside, tags, dot, washing instructions, etc. Silly gullible me never even considered that the product could be knockoff. How would I be able to tell? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    1. Hello! Thanks for the compliment on my blog! I am branching out into YouTube now too! You can definitely email or Facebook message me some photos (over all photo and size dot (check- it’s usually in right pocket)) I’d be happy to take a look! Close up of Lulu symbol will also help.
      Looking forward hearing from you!

  17. I bought a cool racerback on eBay because I loved the color and the store was sold out of it in my size. I immediately knew it was a fake because I own the CRB in about 20 colors and I could tell that the material and fit were totally off. I love all the info you post about this! But even after it happened to me, I find it hard to tell when looking online which are real and which are fakes…

    1. It IS so difficult! If I am concerned I ask for pics of the tags or size dot. PayPal protects up to 180 days after purchase, so if you have any issues, be sure to report them!

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