16 thoughts on “How to Repair Damaged Lululemon”

  1. for christmas i recieved lululemon wunder under pants. it hasnt even been a month when they should last ” about five years” and now on BOTH knees they have holes because i fell. i didnt fall outside, i fell inside!!! i brought them to the store and they were so rude to me. they said they could try to fix them, but u could easily tell they 1 didnt care and 2 there was no hope. GREAT WAY TO RUIN MY BIRTHDAY ! GOOD JOB LULULEMON. such a waste of money.


    1. I would definitely email the GEC, (lululemon’s customer service), gec@lululemon.com. Say this: I practice yoga in my Wunder Under crops 3x a week and they’re ripped at the knees from all the Chaturangas. You can’t tell them that you fell & they ripped. It’s your fault you fell, not the product’s fault. The product is not designed to withstand that kind of activity. It’s designed to be worn to yoga for 5 years. I have wunder unders and groove pants that are over 3 years old that do not have holes in them.I am pretty sure that if you tell them that they were damaged during yoga (the purpose they were designed for) in an email they’ll send you a new pair OR recommend that you try a new product that “meets your needs.” How old are you? Are you a minor? I’m sure that when you went into the store they noticed your young age. If you want something to get done, ask an adult to email Lululemon’s customer service and say what I said above. MAYBE they’ll do something & maybe they won’t but it’s worth a try. Good Luck! And if you DO decide to do something please post back, whether they choose to help you or not. PS: It really helps if you can find your receipt, so you can prove that they were purchased less than a month ago.


  2. Try Gleener Fuzz Remover for removing pills: http://gleener.com/
    There are different types of edges for different fabrics. No batteries so no chance of making holes. Works best when pulled taut on an ironing board.


    1. Do you mean “seams” or “knees?” And it depends on whether it was use-related or quality related as to whether or not they will authorize a repair. Although I do find that they’re more amenable to repairing rather than replacing items. I would bring them in, it doesn’t hurt to try! I hope this helps!


  3. My lulu wunder unders ripped at the seam in the crotch area when running in them. I bought them 3 years ago and wear them pretty frequently…will they need a receipt if I email them/bring them into a store about this?


    1. Nope, they wont need a receipt. But they probably will tell you to get a different style of pant. Wunder unders are not designed for running, but they should still honor their 5-year guarantee. Good luck!


  4. I got a pair of All You Need leggings and they were my favorite! I’ve only had them for maybe 5 months tops and one day I take them out of the wash machine and there is a small tear right in the middle of butt (I wash them on gentle and hang them to dry so I am always careful). Of course they were a limited time item so they don’t have them for purchase anymore. Any suggestions on what to tell them? I had these for such a short period of time, I’m so upset!


    1. You can take them to your local store and ask them to replace them, and if they don’t want to, you can contact customer service and say that they don’t hold up to their quality standards. They will give you a new product. However, I’m sure you like the style of that product, which unfortunately may no longer be available. So you can sell your NWT new item on eBay for retail or slightly less and use that money to re-purchase the item you want on eBay (or in one of the Facebook groups) if you can find it. I know that’s probably not super helpful, but it’s my best advice for what to do if your Lulu doesn’t hold up to performance standards.


  5. I bought a scuba hoodie off ebay and when I received it I noticed that the wasteband is stretched out abit. How do i shrink it back to normal size?!?!


    1. Scubas are 100% cotton, so heat should shrink them, but I don’t know if you could selectively only shrink the waistband. I suppose you could try an iron so that you can apply heat only to the place you want to be smaller, but I’ve never tried that before. Alternatively, you can just return the scuba to the seller.


  6. For holes in leggings, I use an iron on patch – ironed onto the INSIDE of the legging, so it’s invisible. (Just turn the leggings inside out and iron on a patch over the hole.). It stops the hole from getting bigger, and is nearly invisible, as long as I use a match that matches my leggings – black on black, grey on grey, etc. I found the iron on patches on easy for just a few bucks (I searched for legging patches). They actually came as heart shapes, but I just cut it down to the size I needed, ironed it on, and it saved my leggings!

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