Lululemon Slang Terms

The Vernacular of a Lululemon Addict

If you’re thinking about entering the world of after market Lululemon sales, you must be versed in the vernacular of the indigenous population of Lulu collectors, lest you become lost in the Swirl of Peri-manifesto print.

Quickly, let’s go over some of the most common abbreviations and terms.

General terms:

Unicorn: An item that the party has been searching for for a long time, that is both rare and highly desirable. Many people’s unicorns are also the unicorns of others as well.

GEC: Guest Education Centre, basically, Lululemon’s Customer Service

ISO: In search of. People will post ads stating that they are in search of an item in hopes that someone will reply to that ad with the item that they are looking for, and hopefully a fair asking price.

DISO: Desperately in search of

FS: For sale

NWT: New with tags

NWOT: New without tags

VEUC: Very excellent used condition (I use this for items when I’m not actually sure whether I wore them even once or not)

EUC: Excellent used condition

VGUC/ GUC: Very/ good used condition

EMT: Email Money Transfer, a Payment method available to Canadians

TTS: True to Size, indicating that the buyer bought their normal size in the item

Bump: A bump is when someone comments on their own post (usually just saying “bump,” sometimes using a *) which moves it to the top of the page until someone else posts or bumps their post.

IMO: In my opinion

MD: Mark down, indicates something is on sale, or was purchased for the sale price.

PM: Private message

MSG: Message

Angel: An angel is a community member who will purchase an item for you at a location convenient to them, accept payment for the item- including postage, and often a tip- and mail the item to you.

PP: When in regards to a purchase it means, “payment pending.” ie: Someone may comment on their own post stating, “sold, pp.”

CAN: Canada

US: United States

OOTD: Outfit of the day

UPLOAD!!! : Once a week, Lululemon adds new items to the website. Sometimes during the holiday season Lululemon will upload extra items at random..

UPDATE ON UPLOAD TIME: As of February 6th, 2016,  uploads have been occurring no later than 5pm EST on Tuesday afternoons. Times do vary slightly.

LOOT or WMTM or MD: We Made Too Much, formerly called “loot” is generally uploaded on Thursday mornings, very early. It is filled with items that are on Mark Down (reduced in price). Sometimes, over the holiday season, WMTM doesn’t get uploaded as often, but then normal uploads come more often.


PP: Paris Pink

LR: Love Red

Articles of Clothing:

PO: Pullover

WUPs/ WUCs: Wunder Under Pants, Wunder Under Crops

NLT: No limits tank

WTF: What the fluff

DSC/ DSPs: Dance Studio Crops, Dance Studio Pants

DSJ: Dance Studio Jacket

GW: Gratitude Wrap

SW: Savasana Wrap

AW: Awareness Wrap

CRB: Cool Racerback

LS: Long Sleeve

WWA: Wear With All, a type of jacket



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4 thoughts on “Lululemon Slang Terms”

  1. Hi! I just walked by something sharp off a table while I was working and a hole appeared on my mid length lu lu lemon leggings. it is a small hole near the seam and kind of where the zipper starts. I am not sure how I should repair this hole. I wear these all the time and love them!! they were so expensive and I don’t want to buy new ones right now. I also don’t want the hole to grow.

    thanks for the help.


    1. Hello! Thank you for your question! If the repair is something Lulu can fix, like a ripped seam or hemming, then yes, Lululemon will repair them. If it is a stain or other tear or hole, likely they will not repair them, but it depends on the store. I hope that helps!


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