How to Enter the Lululemon Resale Market

You can start with eBay.

Rephrase: You COULD start with eBay. But you don’t want to. eBay fees are pretty high. Well, compared to zero fees, eBay fees are high. What you want to do is start on the many Facebook groups dedicated to the sale and resale (and resale) of Lululemon apparel. The biggest is called the Lululemon Exchange, there’s also the Lululemon Bidding Battles (LBB) site where many unicorns are posted daily. (Don’t know what a Unicorn is? Check out my other post about the vernacular of a Lululemon addict.) There’s also a Canadian Version of LBB, where the seller only has the right to ship only within Canada. The Lululemon Market is popular, and The Lululemon Trading Post has a similar format. Each site has their own rules. The main reason myself, and many other people use these sites is to avoid eBay fees, sell to people who love LLL as much as we do and so that when there is a problem buyer or seller they can be removed from the group. Most of the time, the transactions go off without a hitch. Myself, I’ve never had a problem.

The Lululemon Market is simple: You can post your item to the wall, for whatever price you want and you’re allowed to bump it every few days. You also have the option of adding your photo to a size album and then bumping it to the wall.

The Trading Post has similar rules: You can post your item in an album with a price, then bump it to the wall, with subsequent bumping allowed only once every 7 days. While pricing is not “policed,” fairness in pricing is politely requested.

The Lululemon Exchange is both the largest group and the one with the most rigid guidelines. You may post your item to the wall, or you may post it to a size album, but you may not do both. Also, it is specified that no photos may be posted to the wall, therefore any ads you post to the wall are to be text based only. You may not bump your post to the wall when it is added to a size album, you must wait 7 days. You may not bump your posts more than once every 7 days. This is to ensure that the wall is not flooded with too many repeat ads. They also have very strict rules about pricing. So, read carefully.

Lululemon Bidding Battles: The idea is simple enough: you post a photo to the wall of your item, stating the name, size, condition, starting bid, buy it now (BIN) price (optional) and ending time (24 hours from the start time) and people are free to bid on (or BIN) your item. You’re allowed 6 bumps during the 24 hour run time, plus one extra “to the wall,” if you post in a size album. This is the best place, by far, to sell hard to find items, or pricier ones.

There you have it. Your entry into the Lululemon after-sales market is a simple Facebook search away.

Of course sometimes links are helpful too:

The Lululemon Market is located here:

The Lululemon Exchange is located here:

The Trading Post is here:

Lululemon Bidding Battles is here:

I hope that helps 🙂


There’s another group that started in the same month that I wrote this post (June of 2013), that I hadn’t added to this list, even after it gained popularity. It now has over 3,000 members and there’s a lot of action in the group! It’s called the Unicorn Bidding Field and you can find it here: Enjoy & Happy Selling! Thanks to Jen for helping out with this update!


The Canadian version of LBB, while once fairly popular has not seen much action lately. This is the link: if you would still like to join. Thanks to Sherri for helping out with this update!

UPDATE: I found a page for Canadian sales that seems to have more action. It’s called Lululemon Canadian Combat and can be found here:

UPDATE: Lululemon 911, a seller-focused market has become quite popular. Here’s the link:

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  1. The Unicorn Bidding Field is another online auction site similar to Lululemon Bidding Battles. I actually have had more success selling on the Unicorn Bidding Field than on Lululemon Bidding Battles.

  2. Hi there! Thank you for this wonderful informative blog. One quick question about selling on Facebook pages: will members of your regular Facebook page see what you are selling or your lulu activity? I have no need for my boss’s wife to know that I’m clearing out my workout wardrobe 😉

    1. Hey! Yeah, no prob- I like writing, it mellows me out 😉 Great question! So, it really depends on the nature of the group. If the group is an “open” group, there’s a possibility that she will see everything you post in there. Most Lululemon groups however, are closed, meaning that it might show up on her side bar that you’ve joined the group, but unless she, herself joins, she won’t be able to see exactly what you post in that group. The only way to guarantee complete privacy, as far as I know is to be in a “secret” group on Facebook. I don’t believe that there are any “secret” buy/ sell groups for Lululemon. Thanks for your comments & your question.

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