What I am LOVING Right Now

I am so happy that I finally get to do another one of these articles! It is no secret that I’ve been somewhat disappointed with most of Lululemon’s offerings this past little while. But TODAY, I am proud to report that I have found love again! Their last couple of uploads have added a few items that I absolutely love and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you today.

The first item that has “piqued” my interest is the Kitsilano Long Sleeve in Coco Pique:

Coco Pique is back, my friends. I am definitely excited. This version is slightly thinner, in my opinion, but perhaps that is item-dependent. So, maybe if we see some Wunder Unders they’ll be thicker. As a layering piece, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for the fabric to be a little lighter than the Coco Pique I am used to, especially since it felt equally luxuriously soft.

The next item I am excited about is the Rest Less 1/2 Zip. I have a couple of the Rest Less pullovers in my closet from last year, and I am happy to see that they’ve come up with a new iteration of an item I’ve enjoyed. Plus, the Black/White and Black/ Dark Cast colors are so cute! There is also a Black/ Armory, which is shown in the close up photo below, as you can see there is a green tone to it.  Not for me, but I love the other two! Note: They did not yet have this in my local store, so I haven’t tried it on- yet, looking forward to seeing it next time I stop in!

Next up! Shape Up Pullover. I think we were all waiting for the day we’d see Nulu in tops. I was so excited to try this on because the Nulu fabric is really the softest thing that Lulu offers these days- even more soft than Rulu, IMO. Although, I could be imagining that. Rulu IS really soft too. Bottom line: This item does not disappoint. The lines are fantastic. They give real shape to your figure. One thing that is difficult to see on the website is that there is a seam under the bust line. I think it adds to the shape of the garment, but it is difficult to see, given all the crossed arms in the photos online. There are thumbholes, and the hood is great too! This one’s a keeper!

The next item that I would like to share is The Extra Mile Long Sleeve. For me, for a long time, Lululemon always meant “going the extra mile” in terms of details. The thing that attracted me to the clothing was the innovation and the details. This item has details.

Thumbholes and Cuffins, Shoulder and Wrist rouche-style details, Reflective piping on the arms, small zip-up pocket. Perfect.

I also noticed that outerwear has popped up on the website. Last time I was in the store- two days ago- they had not yet received it. I will be trying whatever we get on in-store if/when it arrives. I have high hopes this season given what I’ve seen the last couple of uploads.

What do you think of the Fall rollout?

Let me know in the comments!



The Most Hunted Unicorn to date

Speed Shorts, $623. Speed Crops: $712. Speed Tights: $800 Speed Shorts: $910 Speed Shorts: $980 Hats for $300 and bras for $200.

It is evident that Lululemon’s Rainbow Reflective Splatter Print is popular. The Speed shorts, which retailed at Sea Wheeze this year for $128 CAD, have been selling online for hundreds of dollars.

They, in my opinion, are the most gorgeous item that Lululemon has put out in… years? They have really outdone themselves.

Lululemon Speed Tights 5 Rainbow Reflective 3lululemon speed tights 5 rainbow reflective

I am literally in LOVE with all of the things. Especially the Speed Shorts and Speed Tights. I had a conversation with a my mother-in-law that went along the lines of “What would you do with $800- other than buy these pants?” Responses included: Pay the mortgage, pay my car note for 3 months, – buy 12 pairs of REGULAR Speed Shorts? The dollar amount acknowledged- These are totally gorgeous and I am stoked for anyone who can get their hands on them. I hope they get plenty of love & wear. 🙂

What do y’all think of these?

Trying on the Culture Clash Wunder Unders

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday Funday! I haven’t been in a Lululemon for a while- because, frankly, things were not grabbing my attention. But I did see the new pattern and wanted to try on something to see if I liked it. It somewhat reminds me of the last confetti pattern that came out (capoeira-multi), although it isn’t even remotely similar in person at all.

Initial thoughts on these are that, much like the capoeira pattern: they are not for me. But the fabric on these is gorgeously soft, and I didn’t find that the pattern sheered out on the [ahem] larger parts of me. They are 69% Nylon and 31% Lycra, lined in white. The length is perfect for me, hitting just below the knee. Overall, I love this style, the “Wunder Under HR 1/2 Tight *F” is awesome! However, the pattern is not. I walked out with the Tech Mesh Wunder Unders in Submarine instead.

What do you think of the Culture Clash pattern? Let me know in the comments.

The Re-released Define Jacket

Hello everyone,

Today, I want to write about one of my all-time favorite pieces: The Define Jacket. I was recently browsing the Lulu website, looking for my next Define jacket purchase and I decided to first browse through the recent reviews. That’s when I noticed two things: This jacket has a 4-Star overall rating, and many of the newest reviews are 1-2 stars. I decided to dig a little and I went through the first 5 pages of the most recent reviews and put the number into a spreadsheet. After about 160 entries, the average rating was 3.1 stars. This makes more sense than the 4-star overall shown, given what I had been reading in the reviews. Because the design of the Define jacket was not adjusted during the relaunch that occurred a couple of years back, Lululemon has included reviews as old as 2009, which, as we all know represents a sort of gilded age of Luon.

Unfortunately, many of the new reviews cite pilling as the reason for a low-rating. Some reviewers even have older Define jackets that they’ve had for many years that have not pilled, yet their new Define jackets have pilling issues. Fortunately, pilling can be addressed. However, it is not right that a $118 jacket pills so easily. So, for now, I’m sort of on the fence about buying a new one. Although, if I had to choose: I LOVE the “Submarine” color 🙂


What do you think about the reviews? Do you think it’s disingenuous for Lulu to include the oldest reviews in the online rating? Or do you think it’s fair given that they didn’t change the design of the product? Are you surprised that so many people are having issues with pilling? Why do you think this is happening? It is due to the change in the fabric or is it perhaps an issue with fabric washing or care? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below!



Dipping for Lululemon

Hello everyone,

This post is about something I heard about through Facebook.

We all know there are pieces, very collectible pieces, of Lulu that we know we’re never going to buy because we can’t afford or can’t justify paying $400 for Quiet Striped Tribal Sea Wheeze Davies. Enter DIPS.

Facebook Dips are magical, wondrous places where unicorns are won and lost at the random.org-ing of a number.

Here are the basics:


First someone has a special item, that they think other people want as well, but it’s pricey and possibly difficult to find an individual buyer for such an expensive item.

The person who has the item Posts a DIP after interest is established through a process called “fishing.” Fishing is in place to reduce/ prevent crowding of the Facebook page. If enough people like a photo in the “fishing” album, the poster of the photo is notified by an admin that their item has been approved and they may post their DIP to the page.

A basic idea of what the poster would write in their post is:

Status of the DIP: OPEN (It will be edited to “closed” once all spots are sold)
Description of Item: Name/ Color/ Size of item
Condition: For information on how to describe the condition of your item, please see my post about that.
Spots: List the number of spots, or “entries” that you want to sell in your DIP
Price per spot: List the amount of money you would like to earn per entry. The currency of pricing should also be listed. Many DIPs charge $5, $10, or $15 per spot. Pricing caps also exist, depending on the group. For example, if the cap is set at $900, you can’t sell fifty $20 spots ($1,000 worth of spots).
Location: The location from where you will be shipping the item. 

Payment Instructions such as “send all money via PayPal as Friends and Family”
List Shipping charges, most DIPs include shipping, depending on the rules of the Facebook group.


Below all the information about the listing and instructions to potential entrants will be a list of numbers equaling the total number of spots available, with space left beside to write the name of the person who purchased that spot. In the example shown below, if there are 5 spots available, the numbers 1 through 5 will be written, and the names of the people who purchased a spot will be written. In most DIPs, you can choose which number you want. In other DIPs, random number assignment is required.

1. Mandy Miller

2. Sandy Sadler

3. Erica Erickson

4. Erica Erickson

5. Taylor Tomlinson

Let’s say that they each paid $20 for their spot and they’re Dipping for a pair of Star Runner Pullover. That means that the seller believes that their pullover, plus the cost of shipping (if shipping is included), is worth $100. The seller gets $100, and 5 people get a chance to purchase or “win” a Star Runner Pullover for only $20, rather than paying the $100 the seller believes it is worth. Even if it’s not exactly worth $100, $20 is still a great deal!

But wait a minute! Erica Erickson’s name is written in spots 3 and 4! Yes, that’s because, in my imaginary game, she chose to purchase two spots, paying the Dipper $40 in total, rather than $20, like the others. Depending on the rules of the Dip, potential winners can purchase as many spots as they like.


Once all spots are sold, the DIP is marked by the poster as “closed” and people are now required to pay for their spots. Most DIP posters require that the money be sent via PayPal as “Friends and Family.”


Once all spots are sold, and everyone pays for their spot, it is time for everyone’s favorite part: The Draw!!!

The person who posted the DIP will tag an admin and inform them that everyone has paid for their spot and it is time for the draw. The admin will go to a random number generator and videotape the live drawing of the number. The winner is announced when the video is posted on the Facebook thread.



There you have it! DIPs explained. These rules, by the way, are by no means exhaustive. Due to the lottery-style, another thing that is mentioned in the rules of the Facebook Dipping groups, is that Dipping is against Facebook and PayPal terms of service. Here is a post regarding DIPs that I found useful. If there are other important rules not mentioned above, or you notice something incorrect, please feel free to inform me in the comments below, so I have a chance to add it to this post.


What I’ve been up to lately

Hello internet people!

I hope y’all are having a fantastic day! I just wanted to chat about a couple of things today. I now have a job, (yay!) which I am very lucky to have gotten right out of college, since I know a few people who either, were only just recently hired or are still looking for work after having graduated in December. I’ve been working for 6 months now and I absolutely love what I do. I have also been working on my independent projects, a book, editing websites for small businesses, and I went on vacation! I’ve been busy, but in addition, I’ve simply not felt compelled to write here. Part of the reason is the Lululemon-focus of this site, the other part is that I’ve been inspired to work on other projects.

As far as inspiration goes, Lululemon still needs to add more bright colors to their line, in my opinion.  Honestly, I think they may not add any more brights or neons until next Spring. We had that one yellow (antidote), then nothing, really. There were a few other brights thrown in on some familiar items (Lip Gloss pink Speed shorts), but nothing out of the box. Recently, there was a Warehouse sale. Well, if y’all remember the last Warehouse sale, y’all might have been excited for this one. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. Largely, the offerings were this past year’s WMTM- at the same WMTM prices, not at “Warehouse sale” prices. Oh well.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been up to lately, and let you know that I’m still around!


Where to Find Size Dots on Lululemon

Hello everyone!

Today I want to write a post that might be helpful to people just trying to figure out what size something they have is, whether they purchased it online, or are trying to sell it and can’t recall what size it is.

This post is designed to complement my other post on “How to Spot Fake Lululemon,” since the presence of a size dot can help determine authenticity. However, it is important to state that the lack of a size dot does not mean that an item is fake. Some Lululemon items are made without a size dot. Other times, it has simply fallen off.

I am hoping that people find this guide convenient for when tear-out tags have been removed by the owner, or simply fallen off.

Tank tops:

Tank tops with bras, for the most part, do have size dots! They are hidden in the opening where bra pads would fit in, usually on the left (if you were wearing it) side.

Inside the bra of this No Limits tank, you can see the size dot.

Unfortunately, I have to say that, with bra-less tanks, you’re mostly on your own for these ones. 105F Singlets, Cool Racerbacks, my beloved Sculpt tanks, and many other singlet/ racerback-type tanks do not have size dots. There is a rare exception here or there, but for the most-part, size dots are not present on these items.


Just like the tank tops with bras, bras also have their size dots located inside where the bra pads go.


For any type of swiftly, if it has an indication of size, it will likely not be in the form of a traditional size dot. The size is more likely to be conveyed on the bottom, inside of the garment.

This Swiftly has its bottom hem turned up, and under it we can see a motivational quote, followed by the size, “6”


Wunder Unders, and basically any flat waistband-style pants that Lululemon makes have a size dot in the tiny waistband pocket that is intended to be used for either a credit card or gels.

Wunder Under Size Dot
In the front, tiny, waistband pocket, there is a size dot.


For many Luxtreme crops, there is a size dot in the back waistband zippered pocket. Not all Luxtreme crops have zippered back pockets, but for the ones that do, there is a high degree of probability that the size dot is located inside.

For any other types of pants, including Dance Studio Pants and crops as well as Base Runners, and other tracks pants, generally speaking, the size dot is located in the front left (if you’re wearing them) pocket. Sometimes, it is inside an even tinier pocket inside that pocket.

Base runners, bottom of left pocket
These Base Runners have their size dot located in the bottom of the left pocket.



Some of the seamless-style pants (think Flow & Go) have their size dot expressed much in the same way as the Swiftlies, in that it is not so much a dot as it is written directly on the fabric in an inconspicuous way.

For many other items’ size dots can be found by searching back zippered pockets, any other type of pocket, or flipping the garment inside out.

Let me know in the comments if this post helps you! Or, if you think I’m missing something and I’ll add it to my article! It’s always great to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by!