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Hello friendly internet people!

Fall is upon us, and Lululemon releases some of their absolute greatest hits during the Fall season. Prior to [American] Thanksgiving (after which, they release giftable items- think staple pieces in black, grey, white and bright pink (usually)) Lululemon releases their best pieces of the year, IMO. That’s because they know that prior to Thanksgiving, their customers are shopping for themselves, and afterwards, they’re buying gifts for friends and family.

So, right now, I have a few favorites to share with you- and a few things I think will go to markdown after the holidays are over. Note: Lululemon institutes as special holiday extended return policy, so if you buy something you like after November 2nd, but it goes on clearance online, as long as you haven’t worn it, you have until the 24th of January to return it- so, you could buy the item on sale online, and return the unused item to a store if you’re interested in arbitrage in that way. I usually can’t wait to pop the tags off a new item, but if you’re patient, you might be able to save some $$$-so long as the item actually makes it to WMTM. If it never goes on sale: well, At least you waited and tried? No big deal. Also: you can still return it if you think full price is too expensive.

The first thing I want to share is something I saw in-store, the Down For It All Vest. This one is in “Dark Adobe.” I saw this in-store and it is so comfy. This is my favorite color of the three released- it looks a lot like Bordeaux Drama 🙂

Next up: this Define Jacket in Scatter Blossom Jacquard Garnet Black. I know, it’s not shocking that I found a new Define jacket to love, but I really like the texture on this one- I know it is not going to be soft like the other Luon ones I have- since the Jacquard ones just aren’t soft like that- but it has an interesting texture and color quality that makes me like it because it is unique.

This next item, the Cinch It Dress reminds me of an awesome dress I have from 2012 called the “It’s a Cinch Dress,” which is pictured alongside it below. The “Cinch It Dress” is pictured in Black, while the dress from 2012 is in the very floral “Blurred Blossom,” one of my favorite colorways Lulu has ever produced! It’s difficult to see in the photo, but the main difference is the Cinch It dress only has cinching on one side, while the It’s a Cinch Dress (2012) has cinching available on both sides. Also: The backs are different with the It’s a Cinch Dress (2012) having a “Racerback.”

Both are lovely, and I will probably pick this up in the black. It also comes in Heathered Medium Grey, but I have the It’s a Cinch Dress (2012) in that color already.

Right now, and literally since they were released (!) I’ve been loving the Train Times Shorts. I only have them in Black, but they are super compressive and great for high-intensity activities. Full-On Luxtreme is good for those types of things. They have them available online only in a few blacks and various shades of black.

These are gorgeous- they’re Wunder Under 1/2 Tights in Heathered Black, I’m betting they’re super soft too partly because of my familiarity with this fabric and partly because people are complaining in the reviews about pilling, which usually coincides with softness. I love that they’re hi-rise, but also only land just past the knee. Big fan of that particular combination. These are available online only, and I am probably going to pick them up!



Will it Go on Sale? Future WMTM Predictions

Now I want to talk about a few items that I think will go on sale, so if you like them you can probably hold off- but I could be wrong, so if you really love something, you should just grab it- and tell me how wrong I am about it on Twitter… go ahead an add me now @LululemonExpert I have been loving Twitter lately!

The first thing is something that reminds me of the Uba Hoodies of early 2013. Here are some photos of those:

So, what you’ll notice it that it appears that this is a two-layer item, but what it actually is is a hoodie with a detatchable dickie in the front- on the last photo you can see how it zips out. This makes the hoodie feel slick on the inside, and it is not as cozy as a traditional Scuba Hoodie, as I recall.

This year, they have this online-only item, same as last year, called the “Scuba Hoodie Glyde.” I think these may be leftover from last year, since they also sold the Boysenberry color last season as well, but I could be wrong. The other reason I think these are left over is because there is no Black. Lululemon always releases items in black, so the fact that there is none is interesting. The reviews are all positive, but some say the jacket is short-ish, so if you’re long in the torso, this one may not be for you.

I don’t think it is a secret that Lululemon’s winter gear usually goes on sale, I’ve seen this stuff go on sale every year after Christmas for ages. The only question is whether it goes to markdown or if it is shipped straight to the outlets. These are on my list of potential markdowns: The Endless Summer Ankle Warmers:

Endless Summer Ankle Warmers

These are kind of cute, but the price is just way too high, in my opinion. At $34, I think these will be marked down to $19 after Christmas.

The next thing I think will go on sale are the Dance Studio Jackets with the ribbed sleeves. Not only do I think that the ribbed sleeves are not particularly cute, I remember that the re-released Dance Studio Jackets went to markdown as well. Personal preference: Anything with color-blocking is not the cutest, imo.


Let me know what you think about my picks in the comments!

Anything you think will go to markdown? Let me know what I missed!

What are your favorites from recent uploads?


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Hello readers!


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Update: Jan 3, 2018

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The Most Hunted Unicorn to date

Speed Shorts, $623. Speed Crops: $712. Speed Tights: $800 Speed Shorts: $910 Speed Shorts: $980 Hats for $300 and bras for $200.

It is evident that Lululemon’s Rainbow Reflective Splatter Print is popular. The Speed shorts, which retailed at Sea Wheeze this year for $128 CAD, have been selling online for hundreds of dollars.

They, in my opinion, are the most gorgeous item that Lululemon has put out in… years? They have really outdone themselves.

Lululemon Speed Tights 5 Rainbow Reflective 3lululemon speed tights 5 rainbow reflective

I am literally in LOVE with all of the things. Especially the Speed Shorts and Speed Tights. I had a conversation with a my mother-in-law that went along the lines of “What would you do with $800- other than buy these pants?” Responses included: Pay the mortgage, pay my car note for 3 months, – buy 12 pairs of REGULAR Speed Shorts? The dollar amount acknowledged- These are totally gorgeous and I am stoked for anyone who can get their hands on them. I hope they get plenty of love & wear. 🙂

What do y’all think of these?

My Glyder Crop Collection

Hello everyone!

I thought it would be fun to talk about Glyder again, since it’s been a little while since my last post about this brand. The other thing that made me want to post about this brand is the fact that there has been some chatter about these pants (pictured below), that are sort of reminiscent of the Quiet Stripe pants by Lululemon, a very highly sought after unicorn.


These are black & white striped, which is worth noting because Lululemon’s Quiet Stripe pants are a dark Navy & White, with the same stripe pattern. So, while they are very similar, they are not identical. QSWD, Lululemon’s color code for Quiet Stripe, stands for “Quiet Stripe White/ Deep Indigo.”

Here they are today, listed on eBay:

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.55.21 AM.png


Glyder’s offerings are $74. And if you’re looking for a Quiet Stripe alternative, you might want to check them out.

I’ve spoken about how much I like Glyders before, but this time I want to show y’all my collection. I am a HUGE fan of their Mantra Crops because they’re basically exactly like Wunder Under crops, only cheaper. The fabric content is a mix of Nylon/ Supplex, just like Lululemon, and I find them to be equally comfortable.

Without further ado, my collection of Glyder Mantra Crops:


Glyder – Another Favorite in Yoga Apparel

Hello friends!

I want to talk to you about another favorite brand of mine, Glyder. I know a lot of people, including myself, who are concerned about the rising prices of Lululemon. Many people already only buy Lululemon items from the sale rack, and personally, I find much of the raise in prices unjustified. And I am not alone. Along with Agent Athletica’s thoughtful article, here is one from Business Insider. I will continue to shop at Lululemon, but I have noticed the price changes and they do affect my purchase decisions. I’m a lot more likely to have a “wait and see” approach to items I’m not 100% in love with to see if they go to WMTM. For example, I am currently loving the new Ready to Rulu pants. I got them in the Heathered Navy color, tried them, got compliments on them, loved them and went back for more. I honestly would like these in every color- they are amazing. But, since I think that the Spray Jacquard color will go to WMTM, I picked up the black, since black (almost) never goes to WMTM, and I will ‘wait and see’ with the Jacquard color. I am just not wanting to pay more than I have to- especially since all sizes are still stocked.

Anyways, moving on to the point of this article: Brands I’ve been enjoying other than Lululemon- namely, Glyder. I first discovered Glyder a couple of years ago through the Lululemon Facebook groups, as I recall. I bought my first pair of their Mantra crops on sale, I think I paid about $45 after tax & shipping, and really enjoyed them. They come in a variety of fun colors- here is a selection of what is currently available on their website:

The first ones car called “Electric Berry Heather,” but look a lot like Lululemon’s Ultra-Violet *comparison photo below*, and the second are just “Black & White Stripe” but look a lot like Lululemon’s Parallel Stripe pants from a while back. I really like these “Mantra” Crops because they are a slightly less expensive version of the classic Wunder Under crop. They’re usually comprised of a Nylon/ Spandex fabric, just like Lululemon and they are just as comfortable. Also just like Lululemon, fabric content does vary, so please do look at each pair individually, as fabric content is listed on the site, but on average, I find the fabric quality to be comparable to Lululemon’s.

Did I mention that they cost less? A pair of Mantra Crops- regular price- are $60, and there are some on sale (in XS only!) right now for $33.60. Meanwhile, Lululemon’s Wunder Unders are now $88.

Basically, I think that if you are disenchanted with Lululemon, perturbed by their more expensive prices as of late with no accompanying increase in quality or features or just want to try something new that is of similarly good quality, you should give these a try.

If you’re interested, they sometimes have items for sale on Zulily *** as well. Caveat: Most Zulily**** items are non-returnable. However, I have had success with returns, personally, when I was making them due to errors on the website. They had listed the fabric content as being Nylon and it was Polyester. Other than that, or incorrect items shipped, I don’t know that there is much wiggle room in the way of  returns. However, they were very gracious- customer service always responds within hours and I even received a $10 for my next order. Just make sure you read the fabric content listed on the website, if that’s of concern to you.

If you do end up getting something from Glyder, let me know! Do you already have Glyder items? I’d love to hear what you think!

*Lululemon’s Ultra Violet vs. Glyder’s Electric Berry Heather. Glyder is shown on top.

***Note from above: Link goes to my Pinterest page because at the time, those were items that we on the Zulily site, however, depending on when you read this, those same items may no longer be there, so I pinned them and that way you can see what was for sale and not receive a 404 Error message. You can still try the embedded links in the photos on Pinterest, but the pictured items may have sold by then.

****Next Zulily link is an affiliate invite link- If you sign up and buy something I get $15. If you don’t want to sign up through my link, just click the first link, then click the picture on Pinterest- that link is non-affiliate. This is something that anyone can do too, so once you sign up you’ll receive your own affiliate link and you can share it with your friends and get $15 too!

IVY PARK – Fit Review

Has anyone done this yet? Just kidding. There are Ivy Park fit reviews on the Interwebs. I like this one on Jezebel. Agent Athletica did a fit review for an item similar to something I tried, but the crops I tried had a higher rise and a different waistband.

First off, I want to say that I have found a whole new respect for real “fashion bloggers” who actually take good pictures of themselves that are able to showcase the clothes in a meaningful and helpful way. I don’t know that I’ve necessarily been able to achieve that, but I did want to try! I’m spending a few days in Nashville, which has a Nordstrom, which sells TopShop which is carrying Beyonce’s fitness brand, “Ivy Park.”

I’m a super amazing blogger, so I totally even remembered to take pics of fully half of the items I tried on.

This is the first outfit I tried on.

This is the V-Back Mesh Insert Vest, $40, and the Ivy Park Logo Running Shorts, $26
Here you can see the mesh back of this tank. For some reason it reminds me of the Push Your Limits tank- I think it’s the thickness of the straps and the way it fits on me- but it’s not actually all that similar.
Tank inside out, built-in bra.

Overall, I like, but do not love, this tank. This fits well and is comfortable, but, it’s mostly Polyester, as you can see on the website: 92% Poly, 8% Elastane. The shorts, I actually did like. They are 50% cotton, and quite comfortable. I also liked the longer length. These are the stats, from the website, about a size medium: 10 1/2″ front rise; 16″ back rise. This is great for “hippy” girls like myself. I need a little extra room at the back. These are actually high rise, as well. However, I’m not a very big fan of high rise items, so I sized up, and will wear these looser, but on my hips, rather than at my natural waistline. This is the only item in the collection I purchased. PS: These are the “Logo” shorts, but my hand is covering the logo.


Next, I tried on these pants. Comparing them to Lulu, as I do, they’re basically as compressive as Luxtreme, but they did not feel right on. The waistline was good, but the hips were tight. (I followed the size chart for these, and I sized up below for a different pair.) These are the “Y” High Rise Three-Quarter Leggings, $58



The next thing I tried on were these blue pants. I really do like this color! The hips fit fine, but the waistband was loose on these- probably my own fault for sizing up, but the size down’s hips were too tight. Indeed I am a curvy lady. The main thing that I actually didn’t like about these was the shorts underneath. I know they’re going to provide extra coverage, which is fabulous, but I could see the lines from the shorts showing through the main fabric of the pants. You could see it in the pictures, if you knew what you were looking for- but it is rather faint. The lines may or may not bother you, given that they are indeed hard to spot. They did bother me though, since my one mantra in clothing is “smooth lines.”

These ones were really loose on my waistline, but fit better in the hips. I even had the dreaded “gap” between my back and the back of the pants, which I photographed, but decided it would be in poor taste to share. This issue was likely caused by my sizing up, but the smaller size just felt too tight on my hips, so I thought this would be a good solution.
These are the High Rise leggings in Cobalt. As I recall, they were $62 USD.


The last thing I tried on were these called “Seamless Capri Leggings, $52″ They reminded me very much of the Lululemon “Flow & Go” tights, due to the type of seamless fabric. However, these are 72% Polyester, and a pair of Flow & Go tights, as shown in a pic of a Lulu tag below, are 90% Nylon.

Fabric composition
Pic of below-the-knee details.
Fabric composition of Lululemon Flow & Go tights.


My overall impression of the designs are that they’ve been done. The tank is pretty nicely designed, having a slightly unique mesh placement and the straps are not entirely predictable, but everything else is very typical athleisure wear. They’re nice designs, but there’s nothing inherently unique about them. The blue color is quite striking in person though, and the details on the Seamless capris are dandy.

The prices on these, in my opinion, especially for the A-list celebrity they’re attached to, are very reasonable. The prices vary widely, so it’s possible for anyone to buy a piece of the brand if they’re just huge Beyonce fans, (how about a $14 headband?) and there are also high-Nylon content leggings available for $165 for anyone willing to pay the price for a high-quality, celebrity-endorsed item.

Quality wise, there’s a lot of hit & miss. I always pay attention to fabric content. When I buy Lululemon items, I always check. A lot of items by the same name vary in what type of fabric is in them. For example, I recently made a post about the Real Quick Crops, and how much I like them. However, some of them have a high percentage of Nylon in them (like the Deep Zinfandel) and some of them have a high amount of Polyester in them (the printed ones). Guess which ones I bought? I’m happy with the shorts I bought from this Ivy Park collection. They’re comfy, soft and 50% cotton, which is good enough for me- especially since they were only $26, which is half what Lulu shorts cost.

The fit was not the greatest for me. To be honest, this is an issue I have with a lot of items “off the rack.” Too much space (a gap) in the back, and not enough give around the hips and thighs. It’s because I have a rather low waist to hip ratio- which just means that my hips are a lot bigger than my waist, making it hard to find clothes that fit. This is why I love Lululemon leggings: They (almost) always fit in both the hips and the waist. I’m sure a lot of other people will find that Ivy Park fits them just fine.

This is just my opinion though, what do you think of Beyonce’s new line? Let me know in the comments! And hey, while you’re here, don’t forget to enter the draw I’m having for a $100 Lululemon gift card!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Hello everyone!

So, today I’m going to share with you some of my ideas for unique, or at least awesome, last minute holiday gifts! (For ladies)

1. Henri Bendel bags

These are literally gorgeous bags that are not too pricey (read: Louis V), but definitely in the “mini luxury” range ($200-$300). A great gift for a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd, Henri Bendel bags are able to retain a stylish, yet timeless look, all the while, the lesser-known brand lends them cache. In 5 years, everyone will be carrying these bags, but for now, I regard carrying them as starting the trend instead of following it.

Of note: I’ve written a couple of posts about Victoria’s Secret, and La Senza and the parent company (L Brands) that owns them also owns Henri Bendel. I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, but I do find it interesting that I would organically (it was through a social media post) discover Henri Bendel without knowing that their parent company was L Brands until a while later.

Starbucks Cups

This year they’ve released a most adorable series of cups! Here is a picture I took of a display at my local Starbucks.

I absolutely love this one! It says “Best Day Ever” on it! And it’s so cute! I picked one up for myself! Look, it matches my nails!

This Kate Spade Bangle

Made in Rwanda, these bangles are a (marginally) affordable ($98) way to grab a socially responsible piece of that Kate Spade cache. I love her handbags, but they’re a little out of my price range. It would be nice to pick up something like this.


TooFaced StarDust Palette by Vegas Nay

Stardust Vegas Nay Palette

A good part of me wants to recommend to you that you buy the new “Bon Bons” palette. It’s got a lot of hype going on around it right now, the packaging is adorable- and there’s a shade called “Totally Fetch.” However, the jury is not out on that palette as of yet- and I’ve heard a (YouTube) review that the shadows can get a little muddy over the course of the day. There are, however, several great reviews of the palette too- so, I’m not saying don’t get it-I’m just saying that I’m going to wait 😉

That said: I’m going to recommend a still somewhat newly released- and personal favorite of mine: The StarDust. It also received high accolades from famous YouTuber: Makeup Geek! It didn’t win in her 2015 Holiday Palette “Smackdown!” (Kat Von D did), but Vegas Nay’s palette gets great accolades from her. Fast forward to 11:45 for the review.

Anyways, these are just a couple of ideas I wanted to throw out there for people and I actually really like writing gift guides.

Thanks for reading!

And to those who follow my blog: Yes(!) I have been writing a ton lately! It’s because I’m off school! I actually do love writing, and I intend to write a lot more before next semester begins! I’m planning to spend this afternoon writing too 🙂