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CONGRATULATIONS to Laura Cartledge on winning the giveaway!

Hello readers!


I am finally ready. Ready to pursue something I’ve been contemplating for a long time and ready to reach out and introduce myself. Hi, my name is Shannon and I am the resident blogger here. A lot of y’all already know me, but I want you to get to know me better. That is why I am starting a YouTube channel. I want to create even more, even better content and some of the things I want to show you require video. I want to share my product favorites and fails, story times, Lululemon-related reviews all peppered with my own quirks and personality.

I am so excited to announce the launch of my YouTube channel!!! In celebration of this occasion, I am hosting a new subscriber giveaway! All you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel, like my video and leave me a comment about what types of videos you’d like to see! My channel is going to be focussed on Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle, with a few storytimes thrown in. I am so excited because this platform will give me a chance to communicate with y’all on a more personal level and it also gives me a chance to let my personality shine through! Thank you so so much for reading and, please come check me out on YouTube and subscribe to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!!!

*The rules are that you have to like, subscribe and comment with a video idea. You can’t know me personally, and you have to reside in Canada or the US. Giveaway winner will be announced on all my social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube- as well as here, on my blog.

Thanks again for everything, y’all. See you over on my channel!

Update: Jan 3, 2018

*I will be announcing the winner on January 15th and I only have about 50 qualifying entries so far! Those are great odds of winning a $200 Amazon gift card!

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6 thoughts on “ENDED: Giveaway! $200 Amazon Gift Card”

  1. Awesome blog! I love lu lu lemon! Wear it everyday to work as a dental assistant, I need to be comfortable but also stylish. Love the giveaways!
    Please blog about the bachelor show ??
    Love to hear what you think of the girl’s fashion sense and make up

  2. I love lululemon. I have only one piece. I tend to go to a used store to buy…..like Style Encore. I love reading about skin care and organic products that don’t put chemicals in their products. Love fashion!!!! Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Lol. What girl doesn’t like fashion? I’m excited to read your blog. Thanks for the chance. ❤️😊😝

    1. Hey Kerry! Don’t forget to go over to my YouTube channel for your chance to win! I need you to like, subscribe and comment over there if you haven’t already! Thanks for your enthusiasm!!! I really appreciate it!

    1. I love this comment. It made me smile, because I remember when I did not know what Lululemon was. My advice would be to get yourself a pair of Wunder Unders and see if you like them. I’m a huge fan—- obviously. Haha!

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