How to Determine the Value of Your Item- Part 3- Colors

I’ve written a main post about how to determine the value of your item & I’ve written another post on the same subject except regarding different fabrics. I would like to continue this train of thought, except regarding different colorways. It’s quite a phenomenon that some Lululemon items sell well on the aftermarket for retail or less in one color, but way over retail in another color. For example, most Gratitude Wraps are selling for between $130 and $200, but Stitch (color name) gratitude wraps are selling for an astounding $400! Here is one example of a competed listing:

This Gratitude Wrap sold for $450 on eBay.
This Gratitude Wrap sold for $450 on eBay.

So, there’s just one example of how an item can sell for a decent amount in one color, but for an astounding amount in another color.

So, lets explore other, similar examples. In a previous post I talked about a March We Are From Space Scuba hoodie that was absolutely gorgeous. Typically, I see it sell for somewhere around $150, but I’ve also seen it listed for as low as $120. However, MANY other Scuba hoodies sell for less than half that (depending on the condition), so once again, we see an example where an item, simply due to the colour, sells for a considerably higher price than retail. In general, Scubas sell for around $60, depending on condition of course, but for some reason I have noticed that people have difficulty selling them. My theory is that the shipping cost is so high (especially in Canada) that it would be almost unreasonable to sell them for less than $70- including shipping (meaning you get only about half of retail value ($50) for yourself), but most people (including myself) don’t like to pay much for used Scubas (unless they’re rare or amazing), so they remain unsold, as people would rather keep an item in their closet than absorb a significant loss. The reason I don’t like to pay much for Scubas is because, for me, a lot of their appeal comes from the cozy, soft interior and that diminishes after just a few washes, so for me, it’s not worth it to buy them used. It’s hard to find a Scuba in EUC for sale- at a reasonable price. However, to my point: there are special, unique colors in a lot of things Lululemon has made that make it more valuable.

Sea Wheeze Items

In my personal opinion, Sea Wheeze items are way over priced. But they are genuinely quite rare, so once they hit eBay, they get marked up significantly. They are your traditional items, CRBs, Speed shorts, Scuba Hoodies (etc), but they come in Sea Wheeze colors with a special Sea Wheeze insignia on them. Some of the stuff is cute, but a CRB is not worth $100 to me, no matter how cute it is.

This CRB from Sea Wheeze is selling on eBay for around $100.
This CRB from Sea Wheeze is selling on eBay for around $100.

I think that I will likely add more examples of colors that fetch higher prices in the future, but for now, I’ll leave it at this and remind you that before you sell your item it is really important to know what color it is, this way you can research the market value of your item. If you don’t know what color your item is I have a few pointers listed in previous posts and discuss it specifically here. Once you know what your item is, you’ll know what market value is and be able to fairly (for yourself and your buyers) price your item.

Happy Selling!


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