Kenny Does Yoga, Shares Activewear Styles

This is my first ‘re-blogging.’ The original post is a Cleveland Fox News station’s ‘yoga’ video (advertisement for Lululemon and not real news- but that’s not what I take issue with), and in it, the ‘educator’ (Jenny) named both women’s jackets incorrectly. I wrote a comment, but it has not yet posted to the site.

My comment is still ‘awaiting moderation’ so, I will simply reblog this- with my thoughts attached. This is the comment I made:

“Unfortunately, Jenny is incorrect. I don’t understand why the educator would have mislabeled the products the way she did. However, “Di,” the first woman is wearing a “Nice Asana Jacket” (I believe it is in ‘Cadet Blue’), not an In Stride jacket. Lululemon has ceased production on the In Stride (and the Stride) jackets. Although, there was recently a vote held to bring them back into production. The second woman is not wearing a “Define” jacket, she is wearing a Forme Jacket. The two jackets being worn can be found here: AND HERE I hope that a correction is made in the future.”

In addition to the correction, I also hope that my comment is posted.

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Kenny Crumpton shares some activewear styles and does a little bit of yoga while he’s at it!

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2 thoughts on “Kenny Does Yoga, Shares Activewear Styles”

  1. Go girl. It happens in my store often where the ‘educator’ knows less about their product and brand than I do…a simple consumer. How does this happen??? Embarassing.


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