Hooray! The Fast Track Short has Returned!!!! And Fit Review.

As you’ll recall, (or maybe you won’t 😉 LOL!) I wrote about the Fast Track shorts in my Last Post of Last Year, and I loved them. I know that they didn’t get a lot of love, and they even went to Mark Down last year, but I really liked them. I paid full price for one pair and got another pair on sale. I loved them but most people complained that they a) rode up and b) they were too compressive and pretty much everyone (including myself) had to size up. So far this year, people are saying that they stayed true to size and that they don’t ride up, so perhaps they’ve re-worked the design, as this time around we’re purchasing Fast Track Shorts “2.” I know all the “Camo” ones sold out, but I knew that would happen. I don’t much care for Camo- but I’m going to wait & see if the other ones go one sale so I can grab another pair. If some of the other colour’s sizes sell out- I’ll bite the bullet and pay full price. But if I can save 30%, why not wait it out. It’s still freezing where I am, so it’s not like I’ll get to enjoy then any time soon. If (or rather when) I do buy another pair, I’ll post an update & do an comparison review between this year’s and last year’s model.


Here they are! Lululemon Fast Track Shorts ii in  black / angel blue / lullaby
Here they are! Lululemon Fast Track Shorts ii in black / angel blue / lullaby



Officially caved! I was hoping to wait for these to go to markdown, but I just ordered this pair… I was going to wait for the sale, but size 4 sold out, they’re actually getting good reviews this time, and there are only two colors, and one is black. So, I figured I’d better jump on these before my size is sold out in them as well, because I won’t buy plain black ones. It’s only been a couple of weeks since these were released but the weather is finally starting to warm up & I might be able to use these babies sooner than I thought! I’ll update with a fit review once they arrive!

UPDATE: I got them in & I prefer this year’s version to last year’s version and am wishing they made them in more colors! The fit is exactly the same and I still feel like these are a “bra” for my butt. The only difference is last year’s version had a 4-inch inseam, and this year’s version have a 5-inch inseam. This change made them even more awesome somehow!

UPDATE: UPLOAD!!! (April 14, 2014) My wish came true! They came out with another colour in the Fast Track shorts this upload!

Fast Track Shorts in Soot/ Pow Pink Light/ Pretty Purple
Fast Track Shorts in Soot/ Pow Pink Light/ Pretty Purple

So Pretty! They will be mine! *cue evil laugh*








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