How to Care for Your Lululemon Clothing

Because Lululemon clothing can retain or increase in value over time, it is considered “collectible.” Many Lululemon “collectors” such as myself will judge the value of a particular piece based on the condition of the piece itself. There are several ways to describe the condition of the piece, which I will discuss in a future post. Maintaining the value of your Lululemon is an investment and ensures that it will maintain its value over time.

Lululemon has their own washing instructions available online here: Washing Instruction from Lululemon. The next 6 sentences summarize them, and I describe my personal routine below.

Basically, if you can, wash on cold & air dry. Air drying protects and preserves the fabric. Don’t use fabric softener, it clogs the fabric, and keeps it from performing optimally. Wash items that are made of the same fabric together. Make sure you close all zippers before washing. Spot clean bags.

Personally, I always only wash each type of fabric with itself. Luon with Luon, Luxtreme with Luxtreme. I often end up washing items alone, particularly things made of their “Swift” material. This stuff gets pilled and snagged so easily I don’t usually risk washing it with anything else. I always wash on the Delicate (Cold/ Cold) cycle & dry on low. Other times I hang to dry my items. I also wash all my bright coloured items alone, regardless of how many times they’ve been worn. For the love of God, please never wash your Lululemon with towels.

Don’t be shocked if someone asks you how your item has been washed and if it has been in the dryer. I get this question all the time on eBay. Just be honest.


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10 thoughts on “How to Care for Your Lululemon Clothing”

    1. Hello, Nicole, do either of these jackets have a tag? The washing instructions should be located on the tag. If neither jacket has a tag, it is possible that the tags have been removed. In that case, you should consult Lululemon’s website for washing instructions.


      1. Where should the tag be (tags are usually inside a garment) ? I never removed a tag from these two jackets, there wasn’t any ! Now don’t get back to me without the answer = why are there no cleaning instructions in these two jackets (or where were they made) ? Your in Hot water ? 😉


        1. If you purchased these jackets brand new, there should be tags. They are typically located at the back of the neck in almost all jackets. In winter garments, they can be located on the inside right hand side, but are typically still located at the back of the neck. The information about where they were manufactured as well as washing instructions would be on the tags, if you’re able to locate them.


    1. Hello! I wash all my Lululemon in the delicates cycle (cold/cold), and dry it either on the low cycle or hang dry, depending on the item. For hoodies, if they are cotton, wash with other cotton items (no towels!) on delicate and dry on low or hang dry. Thanks for your question! Have a great day!!!


  1. So I own multiple pairs of what I believe are discipline pants from Lulu. I have been washing them on cold with mixed colors / types of other clothes. I always let them hang dry. My issue is that every time they come out of the washing machine they have these almost like dust/lint spots all over them. If I go over the pants before they full dry I can usually rub off these spots, but it’s time consuming. If the pants dry completely, I usually have to soak them in some water for a bit to get the spots off. This same issue happens with a very light weight zipper hoodie I have from lulu, and a pair of workout shorts. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

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    1. Hey Todd! Can you send me some photos or put them up and leave a link to them here? I’ve never heard of this issue before! I only wash my Lululemon with other Lululemon OR by itself, depending on the item. I think a photo would help me determine the issue and give a better idea of how to help.


  2. I have a lululemon navy blue puffy coat I bought last year and I don’t know how to wash it. Thanks , please respond to email with directions. It has a tag with icons that I don’t understand

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    1. Hi there, Sheila! I didn’t receive an email yet! But I will check again in an hour. In case you DO see this, I would recommend a cold cycle and either lay flat to dry or a tumble dry of low. Honestly, I would probably lay flat. Sometimes if you tumble dry the puffiness moves around.


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