How to Describe the Condition of Your Lululemon Item.

When you’re posting your item, whether on eBay, one of the bidding pages or in one of the direct buy/ sell Facebook pages the condition of the item is going to be fundamental in the final value selling price of your item. And may also dictate whether it sells or not. If you are selling on eBay, I always post the most amount of information possible, but let’s start with the basics. If I were selling my item on a Facebook group, I would describe it quickly with one the following acronyms:

GUC- This is an item that is still wearable, but may have one or more small flaws.

VGUC- This item is very wearable but may have one small flaw that is not a rip, hole, tear or stain

EUC- No visible flaws. Has been washed and worn, but not too often.

VEUC- Rarely if ever worn. Worn once, maybe twice. Practically looks new.

NWOT- This item is brand new, never washed, never worn and has had the tags removed then sat in your closet.

NWT- This item is brand new, and still has the product information attached to it.

A few notes on condition acronyms: these are guidelines only. Please do remember to describe all flaws. If your item is in “GUC,” or “Good Used Condition,” meaning that it’s still wearable, it might have a small stain on the cuff, or a seam may be unravelling. Sometimes people will buy things thinking they might be able to repair them. As long as you’re honest about the condition, they really don’t have any recourse if they decide they don’t like the item. I tend to allow returns anyways, in order to maintain good will, but you don’t have to if you’ve honestly described all flaws. Don’t forget to take a screen shot of your ad, and describe in your correspondence (Facebook messages or eBay ad) the flaws. Keep those messages, in the event of a disagreement, PayPal with consult them to establish your defence.

“VGUC” or Very Good Used Condition. These items will have no rips, holes, tears or stains. Some flaws that I describe with a “very good used condition item” are any wash wear that has occurred. This includes “sueding” of the fabric, which occurs after it’s been washed quite a few times, or if it’s been washed incorrectly. I also say if there is any “pilling,” which occurs when tiny bits of other things stick to the fabric. This most often occurs with Luon, Lululemon’s signature fabric and towels need to be kept far away from this. Pills can be removed with this: Fabric Defuzzer* (Canadian friends, click here). Again, sometimes, people will buy an item thinking they can fix it, and wanting to return it when they are unable to. Fading is another issue I would mention in an ad for a VGUC item. A slight bit of fading never deterred me from buying something I really wanted. The final issue that I can think of that would still allow an item to qualify as “Very” good is “stickiness.” You must include in your ad if your item is “sticky.” When you unfold your Groove pants, do they stick together? Then they are sticky. This is what happens to Luon as it breaks down or if it is washed incorrectly. Over time, it does break down and it will become sticky. It’s still really good, in my opinion, but this flaw is often over-looked by eBay sellers. That said, I’ve purchased several items that were in perfect condition- except for being sticky, and even though the seller didn’t mention this flaw, I’ve never returned an item or asked for a partial refund due to stickiness. But some people are picky and it’s better to be safe, rather than risk negative feedback or having to process a return.

Excellent Used condition is my favorite to buy from. The items are used, but have only been worn a few times, and then the person decided that they just don’t want them anymore. Often these items are the best deal because they still look great in my collection, but they will generally be priced at less than retail. (Except in some cases, which I will develop as this blog continues). There should be no visible flaws, including none of the above. In some cases a slight bit of pilling is excusable, but I strongly caution against using the word “Excellent” to describe your item unless there is no pilling. (Some items like Charcoal Wunder Unders pill in the gusset after one or two uses, there’s one exception. There may be others, but I discourage it because if there is a PayPal case, pilling does not constitute “excellence” in my opinion.)

VEUC, or “Very Excellent Used Condition.” I rarely use this acronym myself. This is reserved for things where I can’t remember if I took the tags off and put it in my closet or if it has been washed and worn once or twice. I recently sold a pair of Pow Pink Wunder Unders that I had taken the tags off and worn for 6 hours. Those were in VEUC.

NWOT or “New Without Tags,” should be pretty self explanatory, however, I am constantly plagued by eBay ads which state the condition as “NWOT” and then, in the description exclaim: “Washed and Worn once!” As if that’s a great thing. No, mystery eBay-er. NWOT is NWOT, I once won a PayPal dispute because the condition stated “NWOT” and in the ad she said “Washed and worn once.” They had obviously been washed and worn MANY times. They were in “Very Good Used Condition,” a far cry from “New Without Tags,” but I digress. It’s all just semantics, just be honest and no one will open a PayPal claim against you… or at least they won’t win if they do.

NWT is the best possible condition in which you item can be. You bought it new, were unsure about it, but maybe you forgot about it, or were unable to return it due to Lululemon’s strict return policy, which can be found HERE. And so it sat, unloved, in your closet… until now!

Don’t forget to take photos of the flaws! If there’s a stain on the cuff, or a few pills here or there, as a buyer- I would love to see a photo before I make a purchase. If you’re interested in trying to repair your item before selling it I wrote a post about repairing Lululemon!

I hope that this has been helpful. Please Remember: These definitions are fluid and some people have a different idea of what “Good” or “Excellent” are and may be expecting “New,” so please remember to be picky and honestly describe all flaws.


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