More on Basic Listing Requirements

The condition of your item is the most important thing to most purveyors of Lululemon. Our wearable collection of art must be in its very best condition. But there are a few other things that are if not necessary, at least helpful in fetching the highest sale price for your item.

Most listings require the following information: Name, Size, Colour, Condition, Shipping and Payment information.

Name: Every single piece of Lululemon has a name. If you can find the name of your piece, you have a much better chance of selling it for what it’s worth. More on that later. Let’s say, for example, I have a Lululemon tank top and it looks like

NLT in Pink Shell

lIt’s pink and striped and has a built-in bra. If we google those words and do an image search, after a few rows, we will find a top that looks similar and can determine both the Name of the Style of the tank top and the name of the Colour. Some Styles are more valuable and some colours of styles are more valuable than other colors. More on that later. This particular tank top is called a Pink Shell Black Sea Stripe No Limits Tank

Size: Most pieces of Lululemon clothing come with a “rip out tag.” Lululemon wrote a blog post about it. A lot of people prefer for the rip tag to be intact and in my opinion it contributes to the condition of an item. The rip out tag can also be consulted for clues regarding item authenticity, more on that later. Most importantly to this post, the rip out tag states the size of the item. Lululemon makes clothing ranging from sizes 2-12, as of the writing of this blog. They also make children’s clothing under a different name. More on that later. If your item is missing the rip-out tag, in many cases, but not all, Lululemon has conveniently installed a size “dot.” It is a small, white dot, placed somewhere, inconspicuously in the article of clothing. Translation: You’ll need to either: know where to look or start turning things inside out to find it. For example: Scuba Hoodie Size dots are located in the front left pocket, when worn. However, not all Scuba hoodies are equipped with a size dot. Many Lululemon bottoms have size dots in the pocket embedded in the waistband.  Sizes can also be loosely determined by measurements and many Lululemon addicts know their measurements in specific tops and bottoms.

Colour: Colour can be determined much in the same way style can. Google is your friend.

Condition: I discussed condition determinations in my last post.

Shipping: If you’re posting on eBay shipping is pretty straight forward. You can choose free shipping, or calculated or do a flat rate, whatever you’re most comfortable with, really. Posting on a Facebook page is different. I try to go with what’s simplest. Sometimes I include shipping in my prices and other times I say “add $5” for shipping.

Payment: If you’re on eBay, payment has been simplified for you. If you’re selling on a Facebook page, you can state how you expect to be paid: PayPal or EMT (Email Money Transfer, a Canadian payment method as of this writing), and you’ll also want to state “as gift or buyer pays fees.” PayPal primarily protects the buyer, so I think it’s only fair that the buyer should have to pay for that protection. As long as you send your item with tracking and insurance and the item is in your stated condition, there should be no issues.

With these basic listing features your listing should look like this:

For Sale:

No Limits Tank

Size 4

Pig Pink


$10 shipped US or Canada

PayPal as Gift or buyer pays fees.

Happy Selling!


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