The First Mile Jacket

This is the best jacket- hands down- that I think Lululemon has come out with in the last 5 years. Does this jacket remind anyone else of the Fluff Off jacket of 2013? Functionally, in addition to cuffins- to keep your hands toasty warm, there are reflective details along the arms- strategically placed for visibility. The Rulu fabric along the sides and back help create and attractive, feminine silhouette. I live in the South, so I think that this jacket could keep me warm all Winter long!

I think this jacket will be on some people’s Christmas wish lists this year.

*Of note: Some reviewers said that this jacket zips up tight in the neck area, and is tight in the shoulders. Others said it was a roomy TTS for layering. That was my impression as well. I found it to be a roomy TTS. Probably best to try it on for size if you can. Don’t worry though, extended return season is upon us. If you purchase items, at full price (no WMTM) you may return them until January 8th, due to the holiday return policy.

Also: There is no down in this jacket. It has fleece and Primaloft to keep you warm.


What do you think? Have you purchased the First Mile jacket? Waiting for it to hit WMTM? Let me know in the comment section!


Author: lululemonexpert

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7 thoughts on “The First Mile Jacket”

  1. I love that the extended period for returns as started! I haven’t tried this jacket but I really like the purple one! I find that the price is quite high for the jacket but I find that all the new prices are too high lately and I only buy very few items, it has to wow me! How warm would you say it is? Up to minus 10 or less, more?


    1. It’s cozy, but it’s no parka! Maybe -10, I will have to get back to you on that! I agree that the prices have been jumping a lot lately. They’re getting outrageous, so I’m mostly buying from WMTM.


    2. Hey Michelle! I just wanted to get back to you- with an update: I retried it on with temperature in mind and honestly, I don’t even think I’d be warm in minus ten. Maybe minus 5. I get cold easily, but it’s really not that warm of a jacket. I was in the store and kept it on for a few minutes and didn’t even start to get warm, which, most winter jackets, in my experience, if you wear them indoors, you’ll start to get too hot after a few minutes. I would wear this maybe through December, if I were in Canada- but I don’t think I’d be really comfortable through January or February. I might pick it back up again beginning in March, or “mid-slush” season. I hope that helps!


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