Lululemon Define Jacket VS. Forme Jacket

I have been getting hits on my blog based on search criteria like “Forme Jacket Review,” and this leaves me with two impressions. First, I feel badly, because I know that the person who entered that search criteria did not find what they were looking for. Second, this informs me that there is an audience out there looking for reviews. Many Lululemon addicts know that you can find pretty honest reviews on each individual products’ page. For example, I am about to review (contrast & compare) two Lululemon jackets, one being the Forme, the other being the Define Jacket. Lululemon does not currently produce the Define jacket, but the Forme Jacket can be found by clicking the link & that’s where you’ll find reviews as well!

I will admit: I don’t love the Forme jacket. I don’t own one, and I’ve only ever tried one on once. The shoulders didn’t fit me right, too high & loose. But, I’m going to try to best to compare the two using reviews for the website for the Forme & my personal experiences with the Define jacket. I love Define jackets. I own (Black/ Ikat and Beachy Floral Porcelain Blue). I used to own a few others, but I have since traded or sold them in exchange for other unicorns.

They’re certainly very similar. They bother have zipper garages & thumbholes; they’re both fitted and somewhat stretchy.

According to the reviews I read on the Lululemon website, the Forme Jacket has thinner fabric than the Define. Some people who like the Forme jacket said that they used the Forme when it was warmer out, and that they found the Define was better suited for cooler mornings. Others said the thinner fabric made the Forme feel cheap. The main complaint was about the sleeves being too long and the shoulders being boxy. However, recently, Lululemon has created the Forme Jacket *Cuffins, where the reviews confirm that these problems have been taken care of. Apparently, the shoulders are no longer boxy & the sleeves have been shortened by 1.5 inches. The Forme Jacket *Cuffins, has had the cuffins added as well as a hair tie zipper pull, like the Define jackets have. There were mixed reviews regarding the underarm mesh, and it has been removed in the new version of the Forme jacket. People who prefer the Forme over the Define say that the reason they like it is because it doesn’t have the vent in the back. I liked the vent at the back of the Define, I thought it was a cute detail, but others think the extra fabric distorts the shape of the back.

I hope you have found this helpful. You can still find used and NWT Define jackets on eBay, and of course, the Forme jacket and the Forme Jacket *Cuffins are currently still available on Lululemon’s website.




Considering the popularity of the new Pique, BLDO Forme Jacket, I figured I’ll give it a try. It was sold out online very quickly, although they did do a re-stock of the website in the morning. I received it in the mail and while the fabric is gorgeous, and it fit well in the torso area through the hips, it was too big in the shoulders and I feel that the reviews of the Forme were correct overall. It is certainly not as well fitting as the Define, in my opinion. So, it did go back to the store. The Pique fabric however, is amazing, I just wish I could live in that! I hope this is helpful.


UPDATE Nov 20/ 2014:

Lululemon, much to my great surprise, re-released the Define Jackets! I talk about the fit and fabric content in my new post!


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