Sculpt Tank 1 vs Sculpt Tank 2 & Collection

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to talk to y’all about one of my favorite items! First off, I really miss the 105F Singlets, the Light Luon, the Silverescent, the scalloped edges [at least, on the originals, amiright?]… However, the days of the 105F Singlet have passed, and Lululemon is not currently producing them, at least not in their original scalloped glory. Perhaps they’ll bring them back, but for now, my lightweight top of choice is the Sculpt Tank. I really am enjoying the durability of the fabric. Both the Sculpt tank and the 105F Singlet are very lightweight and appropriate for hot southern weather, but Sculpt tanks are more durable in that they do not pill so easily. I do have some pills on my 105F Singlets due to purse straps, seat belts, and the like- it’s quite disappointing. If you’d like to read about how I care for pilly items, why not navigate over to this post. Regardless of a little pilling, I still adore those 105s!

Now, back to the Sculpt tanks! The wide straps, I find flattering, and the keyhole in the back is a fun addition to this top. The Sculpt Tank II does not have this feature, and I have only purchased one of these, since, in my opinion, the keyhole feature was what really made this top unique. They fit a roomy TTS, in my opinion, and are very comfortable during any type workout!

Here is my current collection:

Top to Bottom: Caspian Blue,Miss Mosaic Lakeside Hero Blue, Lilac, Beach Blanket Blue, Circuit Aurora Black, Regal Plum, Midnight Bloom Black Deep Fushia, Moonlit Magenta, Seven Wonders, Boom Juice, Tofino Teal, and Flash Light.

I also wanted to show a comparison between the Sculpt Tank 1 and 2. The fronts are basically the same, on average. Although you do see the black on this one here under the arm area, most of the other Sculpt tank IIs don’t have that color change. It really does depend on the colorway though. The backs differ in that the original Sculpt tank has a keyhole and the new Sculpt tank 2 does not. See them also on top of each other, in the same size, and you can see that the shape has perhaps narrowed slightly at the top, but has otherwise remained the same.

Back of Sculpt Tank 1
Back of Sculpt Tan 2

What do you think of the Sculpt tanks? Do you have a preference between 1 & 2? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks, as always, for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Sculpt Tank 1 vs Sculpt Tank 2 & Collection”

  1. Thanks for the comparison!
    I much prefer the Sculpt tank 1, the hole in the back was what I love the most and they took it away so I have not bought a Sculpt tank 2. I don’t like the changes that they made! So its a good thing that I bought a few before they changed it but I nowhere near your impressive collection!! 🙂

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