The Antidote 

Good day to you all!

Upload happened last night and I did have high hopes, especially considering Laurent Potdevin’s interview with Jim Cramer on Mad Money where he talked about how optimistic he is about the future. If one of the points of concern called out by the Lululemon CEO was the selection and lack of color, then his optimism must be an indication that this week’s upload will have a better selection of color.

Well, I am happy to report that there was some color in this week’s upload. Indeed, the antidote to the “50 shades of grey” color palette was Antidote, a bright yellow many of us will remember from its 2009 release, or, more likely, from its 2014 release. It’s funny because I don’t really LOVE yellow, but I actually think this is a beautiful yellow and it really is the antidote to grey. They look fabulous paired togather.

OK, so these are not exactly “colorful” but I do like the Hot Like Agni singlets (high neckline appeals to me, and the material is very comfy), so I am glad to see new “colors” of these. Here they are in Heathered Midnight Navy (left) and Heathered Sterling.

The new Define jacket is really quite nice in Marvel.

And of course, the Antidote.

So far we’re getting an Energy Bra and a pair of Speed shorts, hopefully we see a few more items in this color. I’d love a Hot Like Agni singlet! … or a 105 F singlet, if they bring back the scalloped edges.

The other colors we saw were Jet Stream and Blazer Blue, which look a lot like the other blues we’ve been seeing.  To be perfectly honest, these are in the “What’s New” area of the Lululemon App, but all these blues look so similar that it is difficult for me to be able to tell the difference or remember what was uploaded one week to the next! Anyways, for the sake of being comprehensive in covering the amplitude of the color in this upload, here are some of the new Jet Stream and Blazer Blue items. 

Shown, left to right, top to bottom: Fast & Free Tight in Jet Stream, Sculpt tank II in Jet Stream/ Black, Scuba Hoodie IV in Heathered Jet Stream, Invigorate Bra in Jet Stream/ Black, and All Day Breeze Bra in Blazer Blue. 

Thanks for reading! Did you get anything? Let me know in the comments!


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