The Importance of Reputation

Twice in my last post I said: “More on that later” in reference to the fact that I don’t sell things in the auction-style pages unless they are in excellent condition and that I save my most heavily used or damaged items for eBay. The reason I don’t sell damaged or heavily used items on the Facebook pages, which are more public than I care to admit is for that very reason. They are very public. One poor sale, or unhappy buyer can result in a negative impact on your reputation resulting in a negative impact on sales. This is true in any business but is especially true in such a tight-knit community as exists on these pages.

This is why I issue this necessary warning to those of you who are new to the secondary market and Facebook pages. Try to take very good care of your Lululemon clothing. (More on that later :)) Only sell things on the Facebook pages that are in excellent condition OR disclose all flaws, honestly, and if there are flaws take pictures of them in the most honest way that you can. As an added service, you can also offer to pay PayPal fees, or return shipping if they don’t like the item. These actions are not expected, but will go a long way in ensuring that your buyers are happy and that in the event of a disagreement where an administrator is to be involved, you will be declared the most gracious party. This is important because at any time and for whatever reason, an administrator may remove you from her page. Some buyers are malicious and would rather report you to PayPal or the administrator for reasons that are beyond your control (for example, it doesn’t fit) or because they decided they need the money (some items sell for hundreds of dollars) but maintaining a good reputation will ensure that the administrators of the page will talk to you before kicking you off their page.

I’ve taken the time to issue this warning because if you use any of the advice on my pages to your benefit I’d rather think I was sending responsible, accountable, benevolent, respectful, compassionate and understanding people to participate in the community rather than anything contrary to that.

Happy Selling!


Author: lululemonexpert

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