Lululemon’s NEW Website

Wow! You guys! I am so excited! I went to to go check out WMTM this evening and they are rolling out a NEW site! It is gorgeous!

What I LOVE:


If you go to your account, you will see a “Closet” tab. If you click that, it will take you to a screen with all your previous purchases, including pictures.


Here’s mine:


As you can see, you can also click the “Items You’ve Returned” tab.

Item's You've Returned

I actually have returned items. For example, after scrolling down quite a bit, I found this item:

Forme Jacket

I absolutely LOVED the look of this jacket, Pique Black Deep Coal. Such a nice fabric, plus since it’s pique you know it’ll be thick. So, I ordered it online, but if you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I don’t really like the Forme jackets at all. And I am SO HAPPY about the Return of the Define Jacket. So, I returned it. Now, this was an in-store return of an online purchase, so it’s possible that Lululemon’s system does not view it as a “return” since I did not return it to the platform on which I purchased it, but it is a slight glitch in my opinion.

Pique BLDO Forme Jacket

If you click on the “Details” button below each item, you’ll see the payment details of your transaction and what was delivered to you, which includes all items ordered in that transaction.

If you scroll down, you’ll see a lot of things, (probably) that you’ve purchased over the years. However, Lululemon appears to not have the photos for many of the older items uploaded. If they’re missing a photo, you’ll see this:


As you can see, they have a RSYB pic, and the Speed Shorts are pictured, but the Retreat Dress is not pictured. If they don’t have a photo, you will see the above image.

You also have options to describe to their e-newsletter by country, and they’ll let you choose what your interests are.

Below this you also have the option of signing up for individual store emails.

This new, user friendly, interface is what I’m MOST excited about. Very personal/ personalized. However, Lululemon also has the most adorable new way of displaying their items in general. They’re really invested a lot in this new look and I think it’s very very classy.

Here are a few pics from the website:

Website 1
“All Women” Homepage
Website 3
Sculpt Tank page
Website 2
“You may also like” Suggestions from Lululemon


How do you feel about the new site? I am really digging the new design. And the new user features. Let me know what you think in the comments!





Author: lululemonexpert

Blogger, Lululemon Enthusiast, Polyglot, Autodidact

3 thoughts on “Lululemon’s NEW Website”

  1. Hey Luluemon Expert!
    Cool! Unfortunately, I don’t see the new website 😦
    I can’t wait for it to be updated! I don’t know how they got to chnage it for some people but nit for others! I will have to wait and see!
    Do you still like it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I really like it a lot. Super contemporary. Very posh. I commented about it on my Twitter to them 🙂 They said that basically they’re still rolling it out. So, I guess some regions will see it before others. Hope it gets to you soon! 🙂


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