HeyLululemon.com Closing Down!?

Hello everyone,

Coming off the veritable high of announcing the changes at Lululemon.com, it brings me no joy to tell you the HeyLululemon.com is shutting down. If you’re a big fan of Lulu, like myself, then you know that this is (was 😦 ) a great place to share feedback and new ideas. It was here that they held the contest that brought back the Savasana Wrap. In addition to linking the post above, I’m going to post a screenshot, since, once the site closes down, none of the links will work! Here it is:

Farewell Post.png

In addition, we are losing our weekly new product information fixes through the “What We Love” posts by Katelin every week. (Only good news: Katelin has been promoted! I’d like to congratulate Katelin and wish her luck in her new role as Program Manager: Product Education!) Here is a screenshot of the post:

Katelin's Picks

Great question, Eric! Eric is very active in the community and runs his own Lulu fan site for the men’s line!

Since the HeyLululemon.com website is fixin’ to close down soon, here is a link to Lulu&TheBox’s tagged “What We Love” posts, if you want to see what exactly “What We Love” is all about. Basically, every week Katelin would update the Lululemon community on HeyLululemon.com with a post about what new product releases we could expect in upload the following week. I will really, REALLY miss these.

I would also avail myself of the services of HeyLululemon.com, less as a contributor of ideas, and more as an observer. HeyLululemon.com’s forums were a very good source of information regarding consumer preferences. Is it a coincidence that after SO MANY POSTS requesting that the Run:Stuff Your Bra be returned to stores that we now have it back? I got this one over the weekend! I absolutely love these bras, and my collection is about half these and half Flow Ys.

I would also recommend HeyLululemon.com to my readers and Tweeters! For example:

HeyLululemon Tweet.png

Not having this avenue for feedback is likely going to mean that Lululemon’s other social media platforms are going to get a lot more traffic. Maybe in a good way, maybe not. That remains to be seen. However, my personal opinion is that this was an excellent platform for feedback and connection between fans and each other and between fans and Lululemon itself. Lululemon will have to work to keep me interested, personally, since I absolutely loved the “What We Love” posts. I really hope they continue to post previews similar to “What We Love,” and hopefully not across platforms.

In any case, I’d love to hear what you think about the closure of HeyLululemon.com. I have to admit that I am disappointed, but hopefully they soon replace it with something even better!


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2 thoughts on “HeyLululemon.com Closing Down!?”

  1. I just can’t believe they would do this!!!! I’m so sad about it, it was a great way to communicate and share ideas. I think they’re going to loose a lot of fans because it seems that people are taking it personally and it’s having a big impact on people! What a bad decision on their part!!! I was on that site everyday but I’m never on the other platforms they mentioned were still available and it won’t be the same. I actually am one of the lucky one who got a free mat, it was a great gift and it was very thoughtful. Now, all will disappear… so sad…


    1. I know. I am actually very disappointed because I really feel like it was a great place for fans to connect with the brand and each other. It also helped keep some of the negative feedback off their more visible social media channels like Facebook and Twitter- as well as product reviews on their website. I really hope they replace it! I will miss WWL so much too!


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