Upload, A selection of favorites

Hello everyone!

I don’t often cover uploads, but I really wanted to share some of my favorites from this week with you, and since I’m officially off school, I actually have some time to write! This week, I have a question of vital importance!


Did I miss this somewhere? What bra is this? What pattern is this!? I must have missed it or something, but if you know, please tell me in the comments. This was in the photos for the hat also pictured, the “Baller Hat.”

Next, I also have thoughts to share!

First of all, Lululemon has really done a great job on upload this week. I see a bunch of things I want!

Let’s begin with these shorts:

The Wunder Shorts. They come in a 2″ inseam model and a 5″ inseam model. I am very excited about the 5″ inseam model, and I do feel like Lululemon customers have been asking for quite some time for a longer short. I have a feeling that these will sell out. I may pick up the Full-On Luxtreme model.

Then, there are the High Times Pant (Wing Mesh), which I think are so cute, but buyer beware, they do have negative reviews from last year, and one new review from this year that’s less than enthusiastic. I just happen to think they’re cute- that mesh placement is so fun!

Then, of course, this gorgeous thing: The Coast Wrap II. I’m very tempted by the Heathered Alberta Lake one.

All the details really attract me to this piece. There are pockets, you can wear it all the way done up, or with the buttons undone and it looks just as good, as in bottom left photo. There is an interior phone pocket and a hole for your headphone cord- although, I use wireless headphones, I still appreciate the thought and extra detail. What do you think about the Coast Wrap?

Next, these beautiful High Rise Wunder Unders in Space Dye Camo Alberta Lake Fresh Teal. I put the Vinyasa Scarf in the same color next to them, even though it was uploaded last week, because I think I’d rather get it than the Wunder Unders. So pretty over that Coastal Wrap.

Speaking of Wunder Unders: Here are the Foli Manifesto Bali Breeze Tofino Teal Wunder Unders. They are absolutely gorgeous! I got the CRB last week, and I hope they come out with Speeds in this print!

Tofino Teal WU 2

What did you like from this week’s upload? I just wanted to share some favorites. Share your favorites with me on Twitter or in the comments below!


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