My First 5K!

No, really. I did one. It was hokey and gimmicky and kind of tacky, but I did it anyway. And even though I’m fighting off a cold, I had a lot of fun. I ran it in a time of… oh, wait- I’m super not skilled & also: I’m pretty slow, so, don’t laugh when I say 50 minutes. I know that’s not a good time, but I don’t really care- I had a great time with my friends. Except the part where nobody (including the organizers) told me that there would be “off path” parts and I was wearing my Vibrams and they were new, and they got all muddy 😦 If I would have known I would have worn my trail runners. I actually probably shouldn’t have gone due to my cold, but the race organizers had a “take no prisoners!” and “give no refunds!” attitude. And I’m not about to waste $50, so I went and tried my best and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that my lungs are still securely in place in my chest. Well, I guess you figured out that I survived, since I’m writing this right now!

I definitely see more 5Ks in my future, it really wasn’t too hard, and 50 minutes gives me a lot to work towards. I hope to shave off at least 15 minutes in the future. I think 35 is a good time for someone who isn’t super competitive… or fit. At least, that’s what I, who knows almost nothing about running thinks. What do you think is a good time? What should I work towards?


Author: lululemonexpert

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2 thoughts on “My First 5K!”

  1. Whoo hoo! Thats awesome! I wish I was a runner and I have a whole list of why I *think* I hate running. I think 50 minutes is awesome 🙂


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