The Most Hunted Unicorn to date

Speed Shorts, $623. Speed Crops: $712. Speed Tights: $800 Speed Shorts: $910 Speed Shorts: $980 Hats for $300 and bras for $200.

It is evident that Lululemon’s Rainbow Reflective Splatter Print is popular. The Speed shorts, which retailed at Sea Wheeze this year for $128 CAD, have been selling online for hundreds of dollars.

They, in my opinion, are the most gorgeous item that Lululemon has put out in… years? They have really outdone themselves.

Lululemon Speed Tights 5 Rainbow Reflective 3lululemon speed tights 5 rainbow reflective

I am literally in LOVE with all of the things. Especially the Speed Shorts and Speed Tights. I had a conversation with a my mother-in-law that went along the lines of “What would you do with $800- other than buy these pants?” Responses included: Pay the mortgage, pay my car note for 3 months, – buy 12 pairs of REGULAR Speed Shorts? The dollar amount acknowledged- These are totally gorgeous and I am stoked for anyone who can get their hands on them. I hope they get plenty of love & wear. 🙂

What do y’all think of these?


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8 thoughts on “The Most Hunted Unicorn to date”

  1. I’m so in love with the reflective stuff but these are absolutely my all time favourites!!! I love them so much! I just don’t understand why Lululemon didn’t make more of these beauties! People are willing to pay so much money for them so they could make a lot of money selling more!!!

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    1. I find it so interesting how often Lulu comes out with GREAT designs, but makes them limited edition- why not do a huge release? Make great things, get lots of money. Seems like a good business practice to me.


      1. I really don’t understand it either. Seems to me that the point of a business is to make money so why not offer what people want!! I’m just hoping we will get to see the rainbow reflective in other patterns offered to all customers!
        Did you get the chance to get any of the reflective items?

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  2. Aside from the fact they are beautiful…and extremely unique, well made, etc…maybe it also has to do with the fact that they are so rare and hard to find- and because of that, people want them more. It is weird how that works. Sometimes i’ll even go on the website feeling “blah” about an item, and later realize my size is sold out within a day, and i’m somehow left wishing I actually purchased them.

    Anyways, we can only hope they will make more. However, maybe they want to keep the “Exclusive” element to Seawheeze- a big reason why people sign up for the race (aside from the experience its self) seems to be the gear lately too.

    RANT OVER. Fingers crossed.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more about the “exclusive collection” at Sea Wheeze being a big reason people sign up! I wish they would make more of these! Also: The FOMO thing when your size is sold out is real! I get that too sometimes! Thanks for stopping by!


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