Glyder – Another Favorite in Yoga Apparel

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I want to talk to you about another favorite brand of mine, Glyder. I know a lot of people, including myself, who are concerned about the rising prices of Lululemon. Many people already only buy Lululemon items from the sale rack, and personally, I find much of the raise in prices unjustified. And I am not alone. Along with Agent Athletica’s thoughtful article, here is one from Business Insider. I will continue to shop at Lululemon, but I have noticed the price changes and they do affect my purchase decisions. I’m a lot more likely to have a “wait and see” approach to items I’m not 100% in love with to see if they go to WMTM. For example, I am currently loving the new Ready to Rulu pants. I got them in the Heathered Navy color, tried them, got compliments on them, loved them and went back for more. I honestly would like these in every color- they are amazing. But, since I think that the Spray Jacquard color will go to WMTM, I picked up the black, since black (almost) never goes to WMTM, and I will ‘wait and see’ with the Jacquard color. I am just not wanting to pay more than I have to- especially since all sizes are still stocked.

Anyways, moving on to the point of this article: Brands I’ve been enjoying other than Lululemon- namely, Glyder. I first discovered Glyder a couple of years ago through the Lululemon Facebook groups, as I recall. I bought my first pair of their Mantra crops on sale, I think I paid about $45 after tax & shipping, and really enjoyed them. They come in a variety of fun colors- here is a selection of what is currently available on their website:

The first ones car called “Electric Berry Heather,” but look a lot like Lululemon’s Ultra-Violet *comparison photo below*, and the second are just “Black & White Stripe” but look a lot like Lululemon’s Parallel Stripe pants from a while back. I really like these “Mantra” Crops because they are a slightly less expensive version of the classic Wunder Under crop. They’re usually comprised of a Nylon/ Spandex fabric, just like Lululemon and they are just as comfortable. Also just like Lululemon, fabric content does vary, so please do look at each pair individually, as fabric content is listed on the site, but on average, I find the fabric quality to be comparable to Lululemon’s.

Did I mention that they cost less? A pair of Mantra Crops- regular price- are $60, and there are some on sale (in XS only!) right now for $33.60. Meanwhile, Lululemon’s Wunder Unders are now $88.

Basically, I think that if you are disenchanted with Lululemon, perturbed by their more expensive prices as of late with no accompanying increase in quality or features or just want to try something new that is of similarly good quality, you should give these a try.

If you’re interested, they sometimes have items for sale on Zulily *** as well. Caveat: Most Zulily**** items are non-returnable. However, I have had success with returns, personally, when I was making them due to errors on the website. They had listed the fabric content as being Nylon and it was Polyester. Other than that, or incorrect items shipped, I don’t know that there is much wiggle room in the way of  returns. However, they were very gracious- customer service always responds within hours and I even received a $10 for my next order. Just make sure you read the fabric content listed on the website, if that’s of concern to you.

If you do end up getting something from Glyder, let me know! Do you already have Glyder items? I’d love to hear what you think!

*Lululemon’s Ultra Violet vs. Glyder’s Electric Berry Heather. Glyder is shown on top.

***Note from above: Link goes to my Pinterest page because at the time, those were items that we on the Zulily site, however, depending on when you read this, those same items may no longer be there, so I pinned them and that way you can see what was for sale and not receive a 404 Error message. You can still try the embedded links in the photos on Pinterest, but the pictured items may have sold by then.

****Next Zulily link is an affiliate invite link- If you sign up and buy something I get $15. If you don’t want to sign up through my link, just click the first link, then click the picture on Pinterest- that link is non-affiliate. This is something that anyone can do too, so once you sign up you’ll receive your own affiliate link and you can share it with your friends and get $15 too!


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