NEW: Ready to Rulu Pants

Hello everyone,

My, my, my, has it been a while! I constantly miss writing for fun. The good news is that I was able to keep my internship, the bad news is I don’t have much free time at all. I am taking 6 classes, two of which are grad level all while working and participating in extracurriculars. This semester I’ve pared down the extracurriculars though and am only doing TISL and Leadership training offered through my school. In any case, I am busy and I miss writing. So, here I am. Inspired by Lululemon’s new Fall offerings (again.) I do love their Fall collection and it consistently helps me open my wallet.

My newest favorite is their “Ready to Rulu” pant. I HAD to have these once I tried them on in-store. They absolutely are the “New & Improved” Winter Rulu, Base-runner relative pant. I think they’re cousins or something.

I got the heathered navy blue. They are soft, just like the Base Runners. Roomy too. They are warm and cozy, just like the Base Runners. We will have to “wait and see” if these experience the same waistband rolling issues that some Base Runners had, but I feel that the pockets don’t pucker like they do (slightly) with the Base Runners. Part of the reason for the lack of puckering is that one of the pockets is zippered. I wish that they had put zippers on both sides, instead of just the right-hand pocket, but I think that adding a zippered pocket is a move in the right direction for sure.

I thought these were a roomy TTS, and did I mention how comfy they are?

Did you get these? Let me know what you think in the comments!



Author: lululemonexpert

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2 thoughts on “NEW: Ready to Rulu Pants”

    1. Well hello, Michelle! I am glad you’re still following! I have been gone for quite some time- Sorry! I have already started writing my next post though! It will be up soon! Thanks for always being such a supportive reader! 🙂


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