New Lulu Try-ons!

Hello everyone! I thought it would be fun to do a try-on report for y’all, so I headed in and tried on a few adorable items that I want to talk to y’all about!

First off: I am absolutely in LOVE with the new pattern! It’s called Strive Multi Black!


I went in and tried on the Speed Tights. I think these are true to size and they passed the bend-test. They are not see-thru. However, they are lined with white, so that’s something to keep in mind, since some sheering out of the pattern may occur as the fabric stretches. Overall, I liked them and found them comfortable. I am going to wait to see if my store gets the Pace Rivals, since I really want this pattern in a crop! Crops get more use than pants in my collection since I live in the South and it gets mighty warm down here!

I also tried on the new Fast Lane bra in this print, and liked, but did not love it. It’s supportive, and lined with black, but it just didn’t wow me. I might pick it up on WMTM, if it makes it there.



I also tried on these Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) in Dazzle Wunder Under 50g Alpine White Black. I liked the feel. Soft without feeling too slick. These definitely have the “second skin” feel to them. If you’re familiar with Teeki’s hot pants, apparently you’ll feel right at home in these, according to a couple of reviewers online. Although I didn’t feel like the waistband might roll, some reviewers expressed that their waistband did roll, so definitely lookout for that if you’re thinking about buying these.

Then, I tried on these Wunder Unders in Midnight Tulle Multi. These are gorgeous! I really like the fabric and fit, and I almost left with them, but I decided to wait. I am not happy with how quickly things seem to be moving to WMTM lately, but if these make it there soon, then I will be happy to get a deal on them. Full size run still on

If you do shop at Lululemon online, as I’m sure many of you do: Don’t forget to use ebates! It’s a website that gives you cash back just for shopping online. I installed the browser button so I can make sure I’m getting cash back every time. Use my referral link if you don’t have ebates yet & get $10 after your first purchase.

What do you think about the new prints? Let me know in the comments below!


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