A couple of Lulu try-ons + fit reviews

Hey everyone!

I noticed all the new stuff Lulu has put out recently and decided to pop into my local store for a quick peek! I noticed the Pow Pink is back in-store, and if you didn’t get them last time, or you’re looking to perk up your Speed Short collection, you might want to grab a pair in Pow Pink! Caveat: be careful when washing, Lulu has had issues in the past with bleeding inks :-/

They also had a few other adorable items in-store that I wanted to give a try:


The tank I’m wearing is called the “On Track tank.” It reminds me very much of the “Back on Track” tank, without the Silverescent woven in. I did pick this up, since I was a huge fan of the Back on Track tanks. If you’re like me, and maybe sometimes straps do not always flatter your arms, I did not find that this tank dug in at all, and in fact, I found it quite comfortable. In addition, as the hang tag states below, it is meant to provide medium support to A/B cups, and in fact, I think that C cups may also find that it provides adequate support. Fabric-wise: the bra part is mostly Nylon and the tank part is half Nylon, half Polyester. Color: Heathered Aurora/ Aurora.

These High Times in Score Jacquard Black Indian Ocean. They do look nice, I like the look of the fabric, but there is something about the feel… It’s sort of bumpy. I wish I could adequately describe it. I don’t love the feel of the fabric, so these were left behind. Also: I have found myself really enjoying (and purchasing) green tones lately, so I didn’t feel the need to add these to my collection. They were true to size, maybe even on the loose side, in my opinion.

Here is a close up of the fabric so you can see what I mean:

High Times .jpeg

Here are the hang tangs for each of the items described above:

Have you tried these? What do you think about the fabric of the High Times? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!!!


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