My Summer So Far…

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give an update, since it’s been a while. First off: HAPPY CANADA & AMERICA DAY WEEKEND to all my American and Canadian friends 🙂 Even though I live in America-land now, Canada is still in my heart. I got done last semester mid-May, and by the end of May I had started my internship. I’m so happy that I actually got an internship- there are fewer available than there are candidates who seek them, mostly because many employers don’t really want to invest in short term employees. The amount of facetime I have with my mentors at my organization is definitely an investment on their part in my learning. I also hope to be kept on for the Fall semester, part time. I’m so happy that I received this position, specifically, because it’s in my field: International Development.

This is the main reason I haven’t written. I spend much of my time and energy on this job, and in addition, I am enrolled in 4 classes online. Thankfully, one was only one month long. Although it required a lot of investment, I’m happy I’ve completed it successfully (getting an ‘A’), and I will remain enrolled in the other three classes for the remainder of the semester- which is about 4 more weeks. I have the long weekend to complete many of the requirements for my other classes, in some of which I have the opportunity to work ahead.

Anyways, I just wanted to let y’all know why I haven’t been around. I miss writing- a lot. But my internship, and classes, are taking priority at the moment. I’m hoping to write something between now and the 7th (first day back at work after vacation). I’ve had this idea for a post about Vinyasa scarves on the back burner  for a while.

Thanks for reading, y’all! I hope to talk to you soon!



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