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Fall is upon us, and Lululemon releases some of their absolute greatest hits during the Fall season. Prior to [American] Thanksgiving (after which, they release giftable items- think staple pieces in black, grey, white and bright pink (usually)) Lululemon releases their best pieces of the year, IMO. That’s because they know that prior to Thanksgiving, their customers are shopping for themselves, and afterwards, they’re buying gifts for friends and family.

So, right now, I have a few favorites to share with you- and a few things I think will go to markdown after the holidays are over. Note: Lululemon institutes as special holiday extended return policy, so if you buy something you like after November 2nd, but it goes on clearance online, as long as you haven’t worn it, you have until the 24th of January to return it- so, you could buy the item on sale online, and return the unused item to a store if you’re interested in arbitrage in that way. I usually can’t wait to pop the tags off a new item, but if you’re patient, you might be able to save some $$$-so long as the item actually makes it to WMTM. If it never goes on sale: well, At least you waited and tried? No big deal. Also: you can still return it if you think full price is too expensive.

The first thing I want to share is something I saw in-store, the Down For It All Vest. This one is in “Dark Adobe.” I saw this in-store and it is so comfy. This is my favorite color of the three released- it looks a lot like Bordeaux Drama 🙂

Next up: this Define Jacket in Scatter Blossom Jacquard Garnet Black. I know, it’s not shocking that I found a new Define jacket to love, but I really like the texture on this one- I know it is not going to be soft like the other Luon ones I have- since the Jacquard ones just aren’t soft like that- but it has an interesting texture and color quality that makes me like it because it is unique.

This next item, the Cinch It Dress reminds me of an awesome dress I have from 2012 called the “It’s a Cinch Dress,” which is pictured alongside it below. The “Cinch It Dress” is pictured in Black, while the dress from 2012 is in the very floral “Blurred Blossom,” one of my favorite colorways Lulu has ever produced! It’s difficult to see in the photo, but the main difference is the Cinch It dress only has cinching on one side, while the It’s a Cinch Dress (2012) has cinching available on both sides. Also: The backs are different with the It’s a Cinch Dress (2012) having a “Racerback.”

Both are lovely, and I will probably pick this up in the black. It also comes in Heathered Medium Grey, but I have the It’s a Cinch Dress (2012) in that color already.

Right now, and literally since they were released (!) I’ve been loving the Train Times Shorts. I only have them in Black, but they are super compressive and great for high-intensity activities. Full-On Luxtreme is good for those types of things. They have them available online only in a few blacks and various shades of black.

These are gorgeous- they’re Wunder Under 1/2 Tights in Heathered Black, I’m betting they’re super soft too partly because of my familiarity with this fabric and partly because people are complaining in the reviews about pilling, which usually coincides with softness. I love that they’re hi-rise, but also only land just past the knee. Big fan of that particular combination. These are available online only, and I am probably going to pick them up!



Will it Go on Sale? Future WMTM Predictions

Now I want to talk about a few items that I think will go on sale, so if you like them you can probably hold off- but I could be wrong, so if you really love something, you should just grab it- and tell me how wrong I am about it on Twitter… go ahead an add me now @LululemonExpert I have been loving Twitter lately!

The first thing is something that reminds me of the Uba Hoodies of early 2013. Here are some photos of those:

So, what you’ll notice it that it appears that this is a two-layer item, but what it actually is is a hoodie with a detatchable dickie in the front- on the last photo you can see how it zips out. This makes the hoodie feel slick on the inside, and it is not as cozy as a traditional Scuba Hoodie, as I recall.

This year, they have this online-only item, same as last year, called the “Scuba Hoodie Glyde.” I think these may be leftover from last year, since they also sold the Boysenberry color last season as well, but I could be wrong. The other reason I think these are left over is because there is no Black. Lululemon always releases items in black, so the fact that there is none is interesting. The reviews are all positive, but some say the jacket is short-ish, so if you’re long in the torso, this one may not be for you.

I don’t think it is a secret that Lululemon’s winter gear usually goes on sale, I’ve seen this stuff go on sale every year after Christmas for ages. The only question is whether it goes to markdown or if it is shipped straight to the outlets. These are on my list of potential markdowns: The Endless Summer Ankle Warmers:

Endless Summer Ankle Warmers

These are kind of cute, but the price is just way too high, in my opinion. At $34, I think these will be marked down to $19 after Christmas.

The next thing I think will go on sale are the Dance Studio Jackets with the ribbed sleeves. Not only do I think that the ribbed sleeves are not particularly cute, I remember that the re-released Dance Studio Jackets went to markdown as well. Personal preference: Anything with color-blocking is not the cutest, imo.


Let me know what you think about my picks in the comments!

Anything you think will go to markdown? Let me know what I missed!

What are your favorites from recent uploads?

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  1. Do you have to return in store to get the extended return period? Last year I noticed it wouldn’t let me do it online.

    1. That’s odd! The return policy clearly states in-store or online. It does exclude some items including markdowns, but if your item is eligible for return, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have allowed an online return… I hope you have better luck this year if you need to make a return! I would also get in touch with customer service, if you need more information than what’s in the photo of the policy I posted here.

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