The Quick Gift Guide for a Lululemon Fangirl

Hello everyone!

With Christmas- and Black Friday, and it’s cousin Cyber Monday coming up so very soon, I decided to finally make this gift guide!

I have always wanted to make a “gift guide” of some sort, and I usually make an attempt at one, but I haven’t made one specifically for ladies who adore Lululemon- that doesn’t recommend a single Lululemon product.

Without further adieu, here are some things I think make great gifts for Lulu-lovers. 


This defuzzer is great. I first wrote about this in my post about how to repair Lululemon, I included some photos of how I used it to fix an especially fuzz-ridden Cool RacerBack tank top, which I had purchased on a Facebook group. Sometimes, it’s easier to repair something than to go through the process of getting a refund. It’s perfect now, and I love it.




Fitness belt 

Fitness Belt

I only use a fitness belt from time to time while jogging or going on a long walk, I usually use a mini backpack- but I like this one because it doesn’t seem to ride up the way other belts do. It’s pretty affordable and adjustable- which is what I like best compared to other belts. I would definitely recommend something a little more durable if you’re a daily jogger- for example, I’d consider this one: FlipBelt I used to use this one, and it is very durable, but I found that it would ride up on me when I ran. Solid choice for a daily runner though.

flip belt


Unconventional shoe recommendation: Vibram toe shoes

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.25.38 PM

OK, OK, I know, they look silly, and I’m pretty sure that no one even wears these anymore. But I love them- I have like 8 pairs and they’re perfect for me. I wrote a post about them a while back, and while I recommend them for everyone- that does exclude anyone with existing foot issues. The point of these shoes is to mimic natural running, strengthening the tiny muscles in the foot. However, if you have existing issues, it might be a good idea to wear supportive shoes prior to switching to anything minimalistic like these.

If you happen to be interested, you can find them really cheap on, which is Zappos clearance site- or for better size availability you can check at Zappos. You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon too, but I would check 6pm first, because that’s where I’ve gotten them cheaply in the past- but it’s probably a good idea to check both sites.

OK, now that I’m done talking about my favorite shoes, my second favorite shoes are these Nike’s I own. I wear these when it’s too cold for my Vibrams OR if I think the Vibram’s wouldn’t look good with my outfit. I love these Nike Free RN Flyknits, which you can find on the Nike website or other models for less on Amazon

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.26.54 PM

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a pair of UGGs or Hunters either! I love my Hunters for muddy festival season, and UGGs are perfect for casual wear during chilly winters.

Fitness band

I love my fitbit! I had a Surge for at least 2 years, and prior to that I had a Flex for two years. I now own a FitBit Versa that I adore. Any fitness enthusiast will love the step-counting, heart rate, and fitness-related functions, but I also like that I can see texts and phone calls without looking at my phone. It comes in handy in social and work situations. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.20.24 PM

Honorable Mention: Bath & Body Works Candles

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.28.40 PM

Ok, so not a fitness-related item, but I did want to mention these for a couple of reasons: They’re personal favorites of mine, & they’re having the best sale of the year on December 1st. They kind of smell amazing and their holiday scents really get me in the spirit. Right now, I’m burning a Gingerbread scented one I got a while back.

I will definitely stop in to buy some on the 1st. Right now they’re buy 3, get 3 free- pretty decent deal already if you ask me. One of my favorite couponing channels on YouTube, Running Kimono made a video about these that convinced me to head in on the first of December to fetch some.

I hope you liked this quick gift guide for people like me, who love Lululemon. I would also like to add that classes at local yoga studios or entry fees paid for local races would also likely be appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you have a very merry holiday season!

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