Preparing Your Item For Sale

It doesn’t matter where you sell your item, you’ll have to prepare it for sale. The better you are able to prepare your item, the more likely it is to sell and fetch a high price.

Make sure your item is in the best condition it can be.  You’ll want to make sure that your item is in the best possible condition before you list it. You should refer to my Last Post for tips on how to repair any damages your piece has suffered over the time you’ve had it.

Take lots of pictures of your item. Take your best camera and make your item look pretty. Smooth out the wrinkles, Fold it nicely along seams when you’re taking pictures at different angles. Take a picture of the full front, full back, any details that make the item unique like thumbholes, pockets, ruffles, zippers, etc. Take pictures of cuffs and the bottom hems on pants, as these areas tend to receive the most wear. Take up-close pictures of the fabric. If your item has a size dot, take a picture of that. I love it when sellers take a picture of the size dot because it guarantees that the item is the size stated in the auction. There have been countless times when I have purchased an item sold as one size, only for it to get to me and discover via the size dot that it is a different size. Disclose any flaws, no matter how small and take pictures of them. Also disclose if the item has even been altered, including hemming.

In a Previous Post, I talk about rip-out tags. This is where they come in handy. Take a picture of the rip-out tag. This helps buyer determine the size and most importantly authenticity because there are FAKES out there. This is especially important when selling items that are New With Tags. (Got Q’s about how to assess the condition of your item? Consult this post) Personally, I’m very cautious when contemplating purchasing items that are new with tags and I like to consult this blog if I have any concerns about whether an item may be a replica. I’ve also started a post about fakes that I update on a very regular basis entitled “Time To Talk About Fakes.”It has examples of fake Scubas, Strides, Wunder Unders & I update it everytime I find something new.

Wash your item. Wash your Lululemon item according to the Lululemon washing instructions or refer to my post about washing Lulu and clean your item. After is has been washed & dried, place it in a Ziplock Bag and put it away.

Post your item. Using the pictures you’ve taken, post your item in your chosen selling format.

Happy Selling!


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