Things I Love Right Now

I talk a lot about Lululemon, buying, selling and best practices. But my real passion for the brand is based on the products it has been producing over the years and I want to take a minute to have some fun and talk about things I love right now.

Today, I’m only going to talk about things that are STILL available on the website, so if you like them too- you can have one of your very own!

Inkwell WAFS Scuba Hoodie

I am absolutely loving this Scuba Hoodie. It is called a Scuba Hoodie *Stretch (Lined Hood) in Inkwell/ We Are From Space Printed October Inkwell. I don’t buy very many Scuba hoodies, partially because I already own 6 of them, and partially because I do find $108 expensive for a hoodie, but if they come out with one that has this pattern throughout, and not just on the sleeves, I will probably buy it.

Plum Ziggy Wunder Unders

These are so fun, but still classy, in my opinion. Recently, Lululemon released Raspberry Glo/ Plum Ziggy Wunder Under Crops, but the print, with that color scheme is far too ostentatious for my taste. I am glad I held out for these. The basic plum is more subdued, allowing me to rock one of my favorite patterns, without screaming for attention. For reference, the exact name of the ones pictured is: Wunder Under Pant *Textured in Ziggy Wee September Plum.

Salom Stripe CRB

For me, this was a must have. This is a Salom Stripe Angel Wing CRB. CRBs are a staple wardrobe item and this one is too cute to pass up! (Don’t know what a CRB is? Check out my previous post on the slang and terms Lululemon fans use most often!)

Well, that’s all for now- Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about my selections in the comments below!

UPDATE: I ended up returning the Salom Stripe CRB & Exchanging it for a CRB in Ziggy Wee October Angel Wing because the Salom Stripe was somewhat sheer and was too ‘polyestery’ in my opinion. Of Course, according to the tag, it was 85% Polyester, while the Ziggy Wee October Angel Wing one was 85% Nylon, so i guess I prefer Nylon. One is not necessarily better than the other, but the Ziggy Wee was definitely softer to the touch than the Salom Stripe. The Ziggy Wee October Angel Wing CRB is pictured below.

CRB Ziggy Wee October Angel Wing


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