Central Saint Martins Nulux Collection

Hello everyone!

I am so lucky that the people at Lululemon have heard me! I said: I want bright colors! They said, “Let me get the people at Saint Martins to whip something up for you! [again]” And it was done.

This is Lululemon’s second time collaborating with Central Saint Martins, and this time, it’s more up my alley than last time 🙂

UPDATE: I bought my first two favorites 

Fabric is mostly Nylon, which is great! However, they are lined in white, which I don’t love because I fond that this meales the patter sheer out a little. I, however, did not find these to be sheer, nor did the pattern distort too much upon “application” to my body 🙂 The one complaint I have it that these slide down during activity. Glad I bought them!

This collection is gorgeous! Let’s start with my favorite design:

Quartize Wunder Under Nulux Multi.jpeg

I went back and forth a little bit on this one, but the Quartize Wunder Under Nulux Multi is my favorite from this collection and probably the one I want to get my hands on ASAP.

So pretty! I love this blue/green color! The print design itself reminds me of a black/ white print Lululemon had called “Marbled Mix” and another in engineered print Nulux called Multi Black. And I almost got those ones, but didn’t because of the waistband and because I found them a tad sheer in a bend. I  always am extra vigilant around Wunder Unders lined in white, as they tend to be more prone to sheering out.

If they get all of these in my store, I’ll go do a try-on/ fit review for y’all. I went on Tuesday, but they had not yet arrived.

Kascade Wunder Under Multi.jpeg

The one, that I’ll call ‘tied for first’ on my list is the Kascade Wunder Under Multi. This one is sooooooo pretty! I love the variations/ stops in pattern just the way it looks- I bet it will be very flattering! I’ll let you know!

Tulle Wunder Under Multi.jpeg

The next one on my list: Tulle Wunder Under Multi. I like this one a lot, but don’t love it and will likely pass, but it is still gorgeous. I love how feminine this print looks. The lines in the print seem so light and dainty.

Interweave Wunder Under Nulux Multi.jpeg

Finally, the last one. Although I do like this print, I do not love it. The colors are nice, but the print itself is too geometrics for me. Not my fave.


What do y’all think of this collection? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Central Saint Martins Nulux Collection”

  1. I really like the new collection as well! But probably not enough to buy any of them. Not that I don’t like them, but I know I wouldn’t wear them! But I love that we’re finally seeing some colors 🙂
    By the way, I love your youtube channel, great job!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I’ve received so much positivity, makes me wish I had been ready to share more of me earlier!

      Yeah, there’s no point in buying if they’ll get more love elsewhere! I almost never wear my black WUs! PS: My next collection/ declutter video is going to be my WU collection! 🙂 Thanks for being a subscriber!

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