Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip Review

I stopped in my local store the other day and picked this top up. I really like the fit and would call it true to size. First I’ll address what I’ve heard on the Lulu boards which is that the Rulu is thinner than past versions. I have to agree, but this does not prevent me from enjoying this top. It is just as soft as past versions, which I love, so, even though it’s thinner that is not as important to me as the fact that it is so soft and feels nice against the skin. I’ve also read in the reviews online that the seams are itchy. I guess they could be, based on the way that they’re finished, but they honestly have not been bothering me.

The things I like about this top are things I typically enjoy about all Lulu tops, and if you read my review on the Race With Grace Half Zips, then you’ll know that for me, it’s all about the details. So, first, I liked the fact that it was a half-zip. I tried on the Race Your Pace top, (the basic pullover, not the half zip), and I did not like the fit, and the neck hole was too big (the straps of my Flow Y Bra showed). Of course, Lulu always includes a zipper garage, which I like, however, these new 2-way zippers on the half-zips to quote let you “catch a breeze mid-stride” seriously make no sense. No one will ever use this. I went easier on this 2-way zipper feature in my “Race With Grace” review, but having experience with it now, I can be more definitive about the fact that I definitely won’t ever use this feature.

I like the little reflective details on the forearms, and the cuffins with the “cold hands,” “warm heart” inscription written in reflective material. And of course, there’s a small pocket near the left-hand side towards the back that is well concealed through a teeny tiny zipper. It’s strange that I will rarely; if ever, use this pocket, yet I hold no contempt towards it as I do towards the ridiculous two-way zipper.

So, I guess to summarize, this is a great light-weight fall top with a few cute details and one ridiculous one. It is true to size and the Rulu is soft as ever, though slightly thinner.

I hope this review helps if you’re thinking about buying this.

What do you think about this top? True to size? Will you use the two-way zipper? Let me know in the comments below!

2-Way Zipper
2-Way Zipper

Race Your Pace 1:2 Zip


In response to a reader comment below (Thanks, Anne!) I decided to post this photo:

Inside-out picture featuring the zipper.
Inside-out picture featuring the zipper.

So, it does seen to be a little “unfinished.” It is not attached (sewn flat) on the sides to the shirt itself. Like I said above, I DO see how it could be itchy, but I love it anyways 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip Review”

  1. Thanks, this review is quite helpful! I like Lulu half-zips a lot, and really would like to buy one of these, but I’m being put off by all the reviews that not only talk about scratchy arm seams but also mention that the zipper is unfinished inside and is causing abrasions on people’s chests. I wouldn’t be wearing this over a tank, so I would want a smooth interior. What do you think about the finish of the inside of the zipper? (I would absolutely never use the bottom part of the two-way zipper either – can’t imagine wanting to expose a circle down there – weird feature! I love the tiny zipper pocket, though – that’s where I put my key when I run.)


      1. Thanks very much for posting that photo! That doesn’t look all that unfinished to me – I was envisioning, I don’t know, rough jagged edges or something. I think I’m going to get one now.

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  2. Just came across this site. Seems very fake to me. Can you advise this to be true or false. Thank you

    Luv your advise.. I purchased a few fakes in my day😡


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