What To Do If You Accidentally Buy Fake Lululemon

I was inspired to write this post by a reader who commented on my post about How To Spot Fake Lululemon. The focus of that post is self-evident. However, once you determine that you’ve purchased an inauthentic product, what are you to do? First, it depends on the venue from which you’ve purchased the product, so I will try to address resolution options based on venue of purchase.

On eBay:
If you’ve purchased a fake Lululemon product on eBay, you may choose to contact the seller for a return or simply open a case. You are covered under eBay’s policy and should be eligible for a refund. *note: you may be responsible for return shipping*

Facebook Groups:
If you purchased a fake Lululemon garment on any Facebook group, and you’ve read my post on The Difference Between Paying as Gift or as Goods on PayPal, and you took my advice and paid as goods, you are eligible under PayPal’s policies for a refund. If you paid as gift, you are technically not eligible but you may want to try anyways, as I have heard of cases where a refund was granted regardless of the fact that the article was paid for as “gift” or “friends and family.” If you paid as EMT (Email Money Transfer), an option available to Canadians, I don’t believe there is any recourse, financially, for you. Legally, you may contact the authorities. I have heard of serial sellers of fake Lululemon goods facing prosecution, however, I never heard of any of the money being returned.

Which brings me to the next venue of purchase,


As above, legal recourse may be an option. Paying in cash is the least safe option and I can’t think of any ways you might retrieve it. I have purchased locally before with my PayPal app, and I recommend that to others. Even if you have to pay as “gift,” at the request of the seller, it’s safer to avoid carrying cash, in my opinion.

I’ve mentioned before in other posts, if someone sells fakes, please make it known to whichever community within which you made the purchase that that seller is a danger. Let the Facebook group admins know, give negative feedback on eBay, call the authorities if you have the person’s name or phone number.

I hope this post has been helpful, please let me know if I’ve missed anything and enjoy my related posts that can be found by clicking the embedded links!

Thanks for reading!


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12 thoughts on “What To Do If You Accidentally Buy Fake Lululemon”

  1. Great article. Thanks so much for your advice.

    I am thinking of ordering a lululemon item off the website below as I missed out when it was available at lululemon stores.
    Does anyone know if this website sells authentic lululemon . . . or are they fakes? They charge ~ twice the price of the original cost, so it’s certainly not cheap.


    1. They might be selling the real deal, or they might be selling fakes. They did steal Lululemon’s images off their website, so there’s that. Honestly, this website makes me very nervous. First, there’s the obvious language barrier, whereas, if I were to purchase off the site, and needed to deal with customer service, it might be difficult. Second, where it says: secure and SSL and PayPal and Visa and all of those images, usually, you can click on them and it will take you to a website that says that “yes, this site is secure” or “paypal trusted” or something to that effect. Often, these fake websites that scam people will use the logos of these familiar companies without reason. For example, this site says that it only accepts paypal. What specifically are you looking for? I can probably find you a better place to buy it, if not for cheaper as well.


      1. Thanks so much for your comments . . . very helpful. I do feel uneasy with the site for the very reasons you mention, so probably won’t proceed.
        The item I am looking for is an “Iconic Sweater Wrap”; size 2; colour “bali-breeze”. It came out around Feb 2014 and I should have picked one up when they were available, but missed the boat :-(. I did find a size four elsewhere, but it’s too big. I also found a size 2 in a different colour, but really want the the bali-breeze as it’s a gorgeous green shade.
        If you are able to find a legit place where I can purchase, I would be most grateful.
        Thanks for your help.


            1. My pleasure, be sure to check out my post on “How To Enter the Lululemon Market” It should be on the right side under “Posts Other People Enjoyed” (which just lists my most popular posts), and the list of Facebook groups where Lululemon is bought and sold are all listed at the bottom of the post.


  2. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ I stumbled on your site and now will be following your posts here. I was wondering about these that were sold by banana.dude which are the Bang Buster Reversible headbands which they claim “But manufactory had mistakenly used a wrong color code tag to the headbands so that’s why we set the price very low. ”


    I think this is similiar to the one you posted here for the Fly Away Tamer (http://www.ebay.com/itm/OVER-2-000-SOLD-NWT-Lululemon-Fly-Away-Tamer-Headband-13-Colors-FREE-SHIP-USA-/231467246601?var=&hash=item35e485e409:m:m5S_21pN1rzW7JIODmb9ahg)

    Is this the same seller? I am saddened that I did purchase these today but will hopefully be getting my money back. I don’t want to condone to the counterfeiting businesses even if they have lots of positive reviews. Thanks for the blogpost ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. They are both fakes. I’m sorry that so many people buy these, but the truth is that some people only care about price and a logo. Lululemon would not sell a product like this. One clue that they are fakes is if you notice where and how the tags are attached. In addition, some of those colors are obviously not Lululemon, although, you may have had to have been following Lulu for as long as I have to know that. I know eBay will side with you. Thankfully they’re good like that. Let me know what you think! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for commenting


  3. My young daughters love my Lululemon Fringe Fighter headbands as much as I do and wanted their own (They can borrow mine if they wanted but I understand ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    I was contemplating of getting the ones from banana.dude on eBay and then realized you responded and mentioned of the quality and lack of authenticity so I will find the colors they like to get their own.

    I immediately got my money back with no issues so that was a great thing from banana.dude.

    Thanks for confirming their authenticity! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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  4. I’m fairly new to Lululemon and recently purchased a Scuba Hoodie 2 on Poshmark with tags and now I’m not sure if it’s real. It has the markings of a real one (ribbed rip tag, Ykk zipper, size dot) but there is a hole in the rip tag that looks like a price tag was in it at one point. Any advice on how to proceed??


    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment, it’s probably best to send me pics! If you look under the contact tab, you’ll find my information! Comment here if you do decide to email me. Sometimes though, people do obscure the price- especially for gift giving!


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