The Body Shop’s NEW Colour Crush Nail Varnish Review

It’s time for the next instalment of Body Shop product reviews. I did my first one a few months ago when they started sending me free stuff to give my opinion on, here. This month I was excited to see that I would be reviewing nail polish. Nail polish is my thing. I love doing my nails and I love having all the unique shades. I like doing amateur nail art and putting stickers on my nails. Before they sent me my colour, which is called: Red My Mind, they had me do a survey to find my “Happy Colour,” which can be found by clicking here. I like my happy colour, it’s bold, like me.

Like I said: I love nail polish:

My nail polish collection
My nail polish collection

I really enjoyed this formula and they can sell people like me on things like: “Formaldehyde & Toluene Free.” They don’t make many claims about this product other than that it comes in 24 “feel-good” shades, is “enriched with Marula oil, 100% vegan, nail-loving” and finally, a claim that is testable that it is “quick-dry” and “high gloss.” I would agree with both of those claims. This formula impressed me and I almost wish that The Body Shop were more boastful. Not only is the formula quick-drying and nice & shiny- it also applies fairly opaquely on the first coat. I put two coats, but mostly out of tradition- in fact I noticed little difference between one and two coats. I also loved the brush. It was thick and easy to maneuver making application simple and intuitive. I can be rather messy sometimes, and I found that my blunders were mitigated while using this brush, so I didn’t get as much on my fingers as normal. Still did though, of course.

The colour is very pretty and I would say a classy, classic red that leans on the coral side. I’m going to enjoy this manicure and I will let y’all know if I end up finding this polish chippy or otherwise less than satisfactory, but for now, I have to say I’m relatively impressed and I will be giving it 5 stars. I think that the $8 price point is very fair, considering the performance and compared to other brands I like such as OPI and China Glaze which cost between 10 and 12 dollars. The other reason I think it’s fair is because The Body Shop often holds 40% off sales, which would bring the price down to a level where I would be tempted to try ALL the shades! I have a ton of nail polish already, but I’m glad to be adding “Red My Mind” to my wall of polish. If you want to buy some you can find it here.

Pretty Polish! Messy application by me :)
Pretty Polish! Messy application by me 🙂

UPDATE: It’s been about 2 days and I only have a slight chip on one of my nails on my dominant hand, so I’d say this stuff is pretty good. Particularly considering that I forgot to put on a top coat.

UPDATE: It’s been 4 days, and it’s pretty chippy. I am not disappointed, since many of my other polishes would have chipped about as much by now, but I wouldn’t call this formula particularly long-lasting. I would say I got an average amount of wear out of this application.



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