Brady Inn, Madison, Georgia Review

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of staying at the Brady Inn in Madison, Georgia. It is situated a short walk away from the downtown area of a place that I would unabashedly compare to the fictional town of “Stepford.” My husband and I took a long walk about town and couldn’t help but notice how polite everyone was and how everyone says “good morning” to each other as they walk by. This quaint town is typical 1950’s idealism at it’s best. The Courthouse and Chamber of Commerce are charming little buildings, and everything is so quintessentially American.

Courthouse from far away
Courthouse from far away
Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce

Every storefront decorates their windows- even the financial services and real estate firms! We stopped at a local coffee shop called “Perk Avenue” and got some delicious lattes to take on our walk. They were decorated and ready for the Halloween season- see photo below 🙂

Perk Avenue Coffee Shop- Ready for Halloween!
Perk Avenue Coffee Shop- Ready for Halloween!

We enjoyed our walk, and even took a few other photos about town.

Madison Courthouse. Yes, that's a teddybear on the steps.
Madison Courthouse. Yes, that’s a teddybear on the stairs.

Overall, the town is just gorgeous and everyone is so friendly. We did a little shopping and stopped at Pure Bliss Spa to pick up some mascara as I had forgotten my makeup. We received friendly service everywhere we went. I wish we had spent longer walking around, but when we weren’t busy visiting with family, we stayed at the Brady Inn. The Brady Inn was a wonderful place to stay. The owners were so welcoming, explained everything when we arrived at which point we were also served with the check. I fully support that practice, it reduces misunderstandings and increases transparency in billing. In case you’re curious, it was about $160 per night, as quoted on their website.

As I was saying, Peter met us at the door and explained everything. He gave us the keys to the front and back doors, which are locked promptly at 6pm, and showed us where the thermostat was in case we got hot or cold. There’s a dry erase board that tells you what time breakfast is and a beverage area which includes complimentary wine, beer, sodas, bottled water, coffee, tea, and various snacks as well. It was well organized and intuitive- a place for everything, and everything in its place.

The Brady Inn itself is historic and charming. The house is decorated with antique furnishings and photos and art from the period. I took a few photos of the Inn itself and more are available online and on the website. Here’s a photo I took of the front entrance:

Brady Inn Entrance

We stayed in the Patrick Brady Guestroom. The Brady room itself is comfortable and features plenty of natural light if you like. If not, you can close the plantation shutters and close the curtains for darkness. The bed is a very comfortable antique and I felt like a queen sleeping on it. The bathroom is small, but functional. The only complaint I would put forth is the loose faucet, but it didn’t impair the function of the bath, nor did it inconvenience me- I just try to provide honest accounts of things. It’s also worth noting that shampoo, conditioner, soap and a hairdryer were all provided. I can’t provide reviews because I brought my own soaps, but the hairdryer was in good working order.

Here are some pictures of the room:

The bed in our room is flanked on both sides by windows.
The bed in our room is flanked on both sides by windows.
This desk is located near the front of the room in the righthand corner.
This desk is located near the front of the room in the righthand corner.

The breakfast was wonderful. I woke up about a half hour late both days and I was still served breakfast. I think the general rule is that if there are still other people eating, it’s not so big a deal to make breakfast for the new people. The first day we had a small peach & raspberry jam concoction with some fresh cream, served warm. Next we had some grits and a ham, cheese & egg casserole. The grits were pretty good, but they’re not really my thing. The casserole was delicious and I ate the whole thing. The next day we had a cinnamon spiced fruit cup, also served hot. It was good, I love fruit, so I enjoyed it. Then we were served stuffed french toast. It was served with real maple syrup and had cream cheese inside it. It was accompanied by a side of eggs and bacon. Yummy! Overall, the breakfast service was very professional as well. We were served coffee, tea, orange juice and water- I took in as much as I could. Everything was wonderful.

If you’re only staying two days, they don’t bother to change the sheets unless you ask, but they do offer new towels- which I did need. The checkout process, considering that we paid upon arrival was simple and we simply handed the keys back to the owner. I hope this review was helpful and that you too enjoy the small town atmosphere that is Madison, Georgia and that you too get a chance to enjoy the Brady Inn.


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