The Return of Bhakti Yoga Shorts

I am so excited to see the return of the Bhakti Yoga Shorts this year. I really would love to know why Lululemon released these last year in the fall/winter season and again this year in the same, without a summer release, but I am still very excited to see their return to the shelves. I was worried that perhaps they were not popular enough to warrant another release when they were not released this summer, but alas, Lululemon has decided to keep them a fall/winter item (for some reason). I mentioned these in my fit review about the Bhakti line here, and I said that I would be wearing them on vacation and on hot summer days. Indeed I wore them for almost the entirety of my Caribbean cruise, as well as on hot summer nights. It was a mild summer compared to last year, but I found myself wearing them in July and August nonetheless.

Bhakti Yoga Shorts
Bhakti Yoga Shorts

Bhakti Yoga Shorts













Pictured above are two pairs from last year. They’re back this year in Heathered Black & Inky Floral Soot Black/ Heathered Black. I hope we get some colours! We only got 4 last year, Petal Pop (waistband, black otherwise), Baroque Blue, Fresh Teal (also waistband only) and Black. I hope we get some more colours- I got the black ones and the blue ones, and I don’t need more black. I would die for some purple ones! What do you think of the Bhakti Yoga Shorts? Have you tried them? What do you think of the new run? Let me know in the comments below!

Heathered Black Bhakti Yoga Short Heathered Black: Inky Floral Soot Black Bhakti Yoga Short



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