The Body Shop’s NEW Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate

Hello everyone! It’s time for another instalment of NEW Body Shop Product Reviews! The Body Shop recently started sending me things to review and this month they sent me “Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate.” I’ve been using this for two weeks, one to two times daily, because I wanted to give a full and honest review. Let’s see what the product information says about it:

  • Smoothes the appearance of lines around the eyes
  • Appearance of eye bags seems reduced
  • Eyes appear less tired
  • Innovative cooling roller ball pump applicator
  • Partner with bestselling Drops of Youth™ Concentrate for a youth-enhancing boost

Let’s tackle these one by one like I did last time! *Un*fortunately, I don’t have lines around my eyes *yet* (knock on wood!), so I can’t speak to this claim. I would definitely agree that eye bags in the morning are reduced, but I think it’s more the applicator (it’s metal) than the product itself. The eyes do appear less tired once those pesky bags are gone!

That said, I didn’t love the metal applicator. It was cold and I feel like I’m ultra sensitive to the cold and even though it does work, I’m not inclined to put it under my eyes in the morning when I’m still groggy. Some people said that they loved that it “woke them up,” but I am not that type of girl. I used it “as directed,” up until this point so that I could write this review, but in the future, I intend to squirt some of the product on my finger and apply it that way.

With that out of the way: I really like the product that is inside the container. It smells, sweet and light. If you read my blog, you may recall that I do not like heavily scented things on my face, and this scent is slight and therefore pleasant in my opinion. I think that this would actually be a great ‘overall’ serum and I might end up using it all over my face, but I was not really impressed with the packaging. I’m giving it 3 stars.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Serum Applicator The Body Shop Eye Concentrate Applicator

I wanted to take a couple of pictures of the applicator to show the metal rollerball construction. It’s well-made, not cheap-feeling at all.

If you’re interested you can buy it now, here: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

I think that maybe if I were older, I might like this product more, but I don’t have any of the issues it claims to treat, so it’s difficult for me to review it based on that criteria. Overall- I love the Body Shop, but this product was not for me.



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