Non-Lululemon Outfit of the day

Hello everyone! This is what I wore to the gym! Shockingly, nothing is Lululemon. The shirt is something I bought in China while I was there a couple of summers ago. The crops are from Zulily and are by Mono B Activewear. These leggings are 81% Nylon (comparable to the composition of Lulu leggings), and were one of the few items I found by Mono B that had a lot of Nylon, rather than Polyester. They performed well and are really comfortable. I know, all the animal print is kind of loud- but all that color makes me smile!

I also want to shout out that I just started an instagram account and I would really love to follow you on there! Follow me @lululemonexpert and I’ll follow you back!


Lululemon OOTD

Hello again!

It’s good to (finally!) have more time to write!

Here I am at my local Planet Fitness!

I’m wearing my Define jacket in Space Dye Twist Dark Slate Fatigue Green and Real Quick crops in Deep Green.

I’ve been really diggin green lately for some reason. Am I subliminally picking up on a fashion trend I’m expected to notice by advertisers? Or are my preferences for girly colors like pink & purple just changing? Hmmm… Something to ponder, I guess…

What are you diggin this season? What winter items are you most excited to wear? For me, I definitely can’t wait to wear my Stress Less Hoodies.

Lululemon OOTD

Hello everyone!

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I just wanted to stay in touch, so I thought it would be fun to reconnect with an OOTD!

Here I am at the local Planet Fitness in my Inspire Tights II in power luxtreme spray jacquard hunter green black/black and a Tofino Teal Sculpt Tank.

Thanks for Visiting!

Lululemon OOTD #85

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I thought it would be fun to do a quick post, even though I’ve been pretty busy lately!

Here’s my favorite outfit right now!

I love to match! Here we have a Free To Be *Wild bra in Lullaby Ray Space Dye Twist and matching Wunder Under Crops. I am also wearing a Lullaby 105 F singlet. On my feet, as usual, are some Vibrams! I actually get a ton of questions about these & usually just tell people that I like them- but in reality, I love them so much I even wrote a whole post about them!


Lululemon OOTD #84

Hello everyone!

I haven’t done an outfit of the day in a while, and I have a few extra minutes to spare, so why not post one!?


Here we have it: Wunder Unders in Vintage Pink/Cadet Blue Space Dye, with a similar March WAFS Space dye Cool Racerback, layered under a Walmart find that is very lightweight and says “Live To Love.” I heart it! 

Lululemon OOTD #83

Hello everyone!

I’m still trying to keep the trend I started after posting my review of the Pleat To Street skirt by posting Pleat To Street skirt OOTDs. I love these things.

This is one of those tops I got at Macy’s. They’re super cute and they all have positive messages on them. This Pleat To Street skirt is in the color floral backdrop black multi/black.
And Here are my nails, just because. LOL

Sephora by OPI: Iris I Was Thinner

With Sephora by OPI: Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild glitter top coat

Thanks for stopping by!

Blogging Goals- Updated

So, I was chatting with a friend a few days ago, and he does ‘computer stuff,’ a line of employment I wish I understood better, and he suggested I use WordPress plugins to share my posts automatically with audiences on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I figure that these are things I should probably already be doing, frankly, but I just haven’t taken the time. Well, I guess that changes today.

In my “Last Post of the Year,” published yesterday, I posted some preliminary goals, and I quote: “writing more individual item posts, writing an update post to my post(s) about Victoria’s Secret and La Senza, continuing to always provide updates on my New Year’s Resolutions, and to continue to post OOTDs.”

I’m going to add my friend’s idea of using Twitter and Facebook to (hopefully) reach a wider audience, or at least help make it easier for people who already enjoy my blog to read it. In addition, last year, even though I didn’t really post to Facebook, the largest number of referrals actually came from Facebook. This must mean that people are sharing my posts on Facebook. Wow. Very flattering. Thanks to everyone who shares my posts!

Anyways, I hope you come follow me on your social platform of choice.

Here’s my Facebook:

Here’s my Twitter:

There are also new widgets on the sidebar for you to click! Yay! Thanks for following me! Cheers to the future!