Lululemon OOTD

Hello everyone!

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I just wanted to stay in touch, so I thought it would be fun to reconnect with an OOTD!

Here I am at the local Planet Fitness in my Inspire Tights II in power luxtreme spray jacquard hunter green black/black and a Tofino Teal Sculpt Tank.

Thanks for Visiting!


Author: lululemonexpert

Blogger, Lululemon Enthusiast, Polyglot, Autodidact

2 thoughts on “Lululemon OOTD”

    1. Thanks, girl! I appreciate it! I am hoping to do more OOTDs because people seem to respond really well to them – and it doesn’t require the time commitment that my other posts tend to, so it gives me a chance to connect with y’all in a way that’s easy for me. Also: those are both ON SALE (!!!) I couldn’t say no! 🙂


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