Vinyasa Scarves: My collection

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about my favorite Lululemon scarves: Vinyasas! I actually don’t own any other Lululemon scarves other than Vinyasas. I used to. I definitely sold them. I just wear a Vinyasa almost every single day in the fall and winter. They are amazing.

Again, since this blog is a lot about selling Lululemon I will mention that Vinyasa scarves do tend to hold their value fairly well.

These are my favorite scarves for a few reasons, the main one being that they are made of Rulu- which is luxuriously soft and cozy! But they’re also good at keeping my neck warm and they make a great shawl too! I love bringing one of these with me on the plane. Plus they come in a variety of pretty colors.

Here is my collection!

Left to right, top to bottom. (Worth noting: Some are folded sideways since there are two different colors on each side, and two of them are Ivivva Chili scarves.)

Heathered Fossil, Heathered Bordeaux Drama Bumbleberry (side a) & Heathered Bordeaux Drama (side b)- beneath, Herringbone, Wee Stripe Winter Orchid (side a) & Deep Zinfandel (side b)- right beside, Coco Pique White/ Black, Mini Check Pique Ultra Violet Heather Black,  Ivivva: Space Dye Ultramarine Rosebud Pow Pink, Mini Check Pique Caspian Blue Heathered Inkwell, (Bumbleberry as mentioned above), Mini Check Pique Aquamarine Heathered Peacock Blue, Wee Stripe Lilac Heathered Coal, Pretty Pink Slalom Stripe, Hyper Stripe Black (side a) / Black (side b), Mini Check Pique Beaming Blue Polar Cream, Parallel Stripe Pigment Blue Heathered Black, Butter Pink Heathered Bordeaux Drama, Ivivva: Heather Pigment Blue & Toothpaste Herringbone.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!


Author: lululemonexpert

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4 thoughts on “Vinyasa Scarves: My collection”

  1. Oh I love your collection! I have many vinyasa scarves too and i love them! Have you had the chance to try the vinyasa wrap? If yes, did you like it? There’s a rumor that they are replacing the scarf with the wrap, have you heard anything about that? I hope they don’t and that both option will be available!


    1. I’m glad you like it!
      Nope, I haven’t tried it! I sure hope they don’t plan to do away with the Vinyasa!!! I haven’t heard anything about that though. I will keep my fingers crossed that they keep both options!


  2. Hello!!! Thank you for posting all the info you have about possible fakes of lululemon!!! I am new to the brand and don’t want to be duped. Can’t you give me your thoughts on fake vinyasa scarves? I see a lot of posts on Poshmark and eBay with the NWT and the tags are looped around the hook holder on the scarf and not in the seams as you have suggested in your blogs. Does this theory hold true with the scarves as well? Thanks very much!!!

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