Lululemon OOTD #83

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I’m still trying to keep the trend I started after posting my review of the Pleat To Street skirt by posting Pleat To Street skirt OOTDs. I love these things.

This is one of those tops I got at Macy’s. They’re super cute and they all have positive messages on them. This Pleat To Street skirt is in the color floral backdrop black multi/black.
And Here are my nails, just because. LOL

Sephora by OPI: Iris I Was Thinner

With Sephora by OPI: Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild glitter top coat

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Lululemon OOTD #82

Hello everyone! Here’s another of my Pleat To Street skirts! I’m doing this OOTD series featuring them “en hommage” to my review post of them that I wrote just in case you saw them on mark down or on eBay and needed to see if they’re something you’d be interested in.


Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip in Coco Pique/ Black, Pleat to Street Skirt in Watermark Slate/ Black

Pleat To Street Skirt Review

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to switch gears a little bit and move from working on my content heavy posts to doing something a little more fun.

I LOVE the Pleat To Street skirts. They recently went to mark down, and there are still some there, so I thought that this post will help those who are still on the fence about whether or not they should get one. They’ve also been popping up on eBay and if you’re reading this, maybe you’re looking to buy one on the secondary market. Either way, I’m here to help!

First: Here’s a collection photo of the P2S II’s

This post will cover the pros and cons of this skirt as well as comparisons between all three editions of the Pleat To Street Skirt.

Pleat To Street Skirt I

I bought two Pleat To Street Skirts in the original version, and if I could, I’d buy them again. I have the Bumble Berry Stripe one, and the Bordeaux Drama one. They’re gorgeous. Here’s an OOTD with the “Blossom” Bumble Berry Stripe one. The shorts underneath match the colors of the skirts and they have the silicone bands to prevent riding up. I like the way the pleats fall and have received many compliments on these skirts. They’re also longer than my Pace Setters, which I like.

I, personally, can’t tell the difference between my Pleat To Street Skirt 1’s and 2’s, BUT upon close inspection of the hang tags, I can see that the 2’s have “added Lycra fabric for shape retention,” while the 1’s make no such claim. That said, I feel that my 1’s have held up well and have not lost their pleats with washing.

With regard to washing, I wash on delicate (like the rest of my Lulu) and hang to dry.

Pleat To Street Skirt II

The second edition of the skirt was manufactured, I imagine, in response to the positive reception of the first. The only negative feedback I recall was that some of the pleats were falling out- which is likely why the Lycra was included in this ‘next generation’ for shape retention. However, the general design of the skirts remained the same. Here’s an OOTD with my second generation Pleat To Street skirt in Pigment Blue.

As I’m writing this these Pleat To Street Skirt 2’s (and 3’s!) are still available in limited sizes on the “We Made Too Much” (sale) section of Lululemon’s website.

I really love my Pleat To Street Skirts, however, people are still having problems with the pleats coming out. I did read that one reviewer was able to pay her dry-cleaner $5 to put the pleats back in. I might do this if mine ever fall out. Although, the reviewer was not very pleased that she had to resort to hiring a dry-cleaner to help her with her item. As I stated, I have yet to experience this issue, however, in the interest of transparency, I feel that it must be mentioned. Also: Even though the Tranquil Blue/ Ace Spot colored Pleat to Street skirt is no longer available on, I should mention that people have been complaining about the quality of this particular color of skirt to some extent with regard to seams and fraying, so maybe be cautious if you’re considering purchasing this particular color combination on eBay or elsewhere on the secondary market.

Pleat To Street Skirt III

I have mixed feelings about the Pleat To Street Skirt 3’s. While I still love the general design and fit of the skirt, the designers made the pleats (much!) closer together, which squishes together the pretty butterfly pattern (officially named: exploded so fly butterfly) of the one I purchased. A lot of reviewers (including myself) also don’t like that the shorts underneath of this butterfly one are white- unlike most of the other Pleat To Street skirts whose liners match the skirts to which they’re attached. So, while I am happy to have gotten it- I do prefer the Pleat To Street Skirt 1’s and 2’s.


Pleat to Street skirts in Exploded So Fly Butterfly and Pipe Dream Blue


Overall Pleat To Street Pros & Cons


  • Cute, flouncy, fun
  • Comfortable fit
  • Silicone grips prevent shorts from riding up
  • Continuous drawcord waistband, pockets- including one zippered


  • Pleats seem to fall out- at least for some users
  • Tranquil Blue one seems to suffer quality issues
  • Pleat to Street Skirt 3’s pleats are too close together (IMO)
  • Some reviewers state that this skirt does not work well for running

Honestly, I absolutely love these skirts. Even though I agree with the reviewers on some of the cons, I think these skirts are so pretty and they fit me quite well. I’m happy to report that these will be staying in my collection and I’ll continue to post OOTDs with them.

What do you think of the Pleat To Street skirts? Let me know in the comments below!

Update: I thought it would be fun to do an outfit of the day series of me wearing all my Pleat to Street skirts, so in the following days, I’m going to be posting outfits of the day wearing various Pleat To Street Skirts and posting the links below!

Day 1: Exploded So Fly Butterfly

Day 2: Pipe Dream Blue 

Day 3: Poseidon/Sea Mist

Day 4: Watermark/ Slate Black






Lululemon OOTD #68

Relaxing day today, just one class (Urban Economics- more interesting than it sounds), and it got out early! 

Say hello to my doggy. 

Today I’m wearing one of my beloved Pleat to Street Skirts in tranquil blue and a Style & Co yoga top I got from Macy’s over an NLT in Angel Blue- you can literally barely make out the strap on the left side.