My Nails Now

My Halloween nails were getting chippy chippy chippy! So, I took all of that off & re-did my nails. They look like this now:

Nails (1) photo(2)

The first photo shows my nails against a Power Purple Catch Me tank & Ziggy Wee September Plum Wunder unders by Lululemon. The second photo shows more clearly the two colors I used on my nails.

This time I used Sephora’s Strengthener as a base coat. The darker color on my nails is called “Just a Little Dangerous,”and the lighter color (the furthest from the nail bed) is called “I Don’t Bite.” I put ‘Just a Little Dangerous’ on my whole nail first, then put ‘I Don’t Bite’ on top and tried to eye-ball a straight line across the tops to create some sort of “french tip” like design, only using purple. As a top coat I used the same as last time, Sephora’s Mirror Shine Top Coat.

I love Sephora’s nail polishes. I had to do two coats of ‘Just a Little Dangerous’, but ‘I Don’t Bite’ went on thick enough to only require one coat.

I hope y’all get a chance to take advantage of the 3 for $10 deal on Sephora polishes. They’re worth it! What are your favorite brands of polish?


I decided that red nails would go best with my Halloween costume, and even though my nail polish posts seem to be popular, I decided to update here, rather than write a new post, since the technique I used to create the look is the same. I started with my usual Bamboo Nail Strengthening Base Coat, then I used “Kept ’em Guessing for 30 years,” seen below.

Kept 'em Guessing for 30 Years Nail Polish by OPI to celebrate Guess' 30th Anniversary
Kept ’em Guessing for 30 Years Nail Polish by OPI to celebrate Guess’ 30th Anniversary


I then applied “What’s Your Poison” polish I got a Sephora just to the tips. I checked, and it is unfortunately no longer available, so I have a picture for you below.

What's Your Poison Polish
What’s Your Poison Polish

It’s a delicious sparkly red. I’m going to be sad when I run out of this one. It goes on thick and lasts a while on my nails. That’s impressive.

Then, I followed with my usual top coat, the Mirror Shine by Sephora. I would totally wear this look again.

Finished Look: Kept 'em Guessing for 30 Years with What's Your Poison tips.
Finished Look: Kept ’em Guessing for 30 Years with What’s Your Poison tips.

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