Midnight Iris Marked Down in-store & online

Just a quickie post on the latest items to hit the in-store/ online markdown rack at Lululemon. When the color ‘Midnight Iris’ first came out, I was pretty much disinterested because I already had some items in the color ‘Spring Has Sprung,’ but, since everything in the color ‘Midnight Iris’ has gone to Mark Down/ Loot/ We Made Too Much, I find myself unable to resist having at least a few items in this colorway for myself. I can never turn down a good deal!

For reference, here’s a photo of Midnight Iris next to Spring has Sprung!

Left: Midnight Iris Right: Spring Has Sprung
Left: Midnight Iris
Right: Spring Has Sprung

So, I bought a Flow Y bra for $29, a CRB for $29 and an NLT for $39. I got both the Flow Y & CRB at a 30.95% discount and the NLT at a 39.06% discount. [(X-Y)/X]

(Not sure what a CRB or NLT is? Check out my previous post about Lululemon Slang here.)

Caution: I think the main reason the colorway went on sale is because it’s mostly Polyester. (The CRB itself is 94% Polyester, but it’s pretty, so… I figure, why not?)

Note: I wouldn’t try my first Forme Jacket in this color if I were you. Even considering the discount, the inside is gray, and it’s just not very attractive. You can also see in the photos online that when you flip the cuffs over it’s gray as well. Not to mention that the discount is only 17%.


This morning Lululemon put more things in Midnight Iris on “We Made Too Much.” I ordered a Pace Setter Skirt in that pattern. Did you buy anything on markdown?

UPDATE: Wore the CRB, super poly-feeling, but still pretty snazzy lookin’! I LOVE the NLT in this print & can’t wait to wear it again!


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