Lululemon Bang Buster Family

I’m a head band addict. I wear one every single day. They’re great for hiding extension micro-rings or other connection spots (like clips or where it glues on), or if you have “baby hairs” in the front from straightening or otherwise damaging your hair, they’re great at hiding those flaws too! But they’re not just great for hiding flaws, I appreciate how well they keep my bangs back during exercise, and they have a stretchy part in the back, so they fit my head well. They never slip. I own quite a few “Slipless” head bands, and even they slip sometimes. I like the the little metal logo in the back too. It’s discrete, yet the quality is there, since it is metal.

Essentially, these are the perfect headband. They are currently made “reversible” and cost $18. They used to be $14 and have circle mesh on the reverse side. I like the circle mesh, but I think I prefer the reversible ones. The only time I don’t like the reversible ones is when they are “reversible” to the same color. My Spry Blue one (6th from the left) is “reversible” to Spry Blue.

My Collection of Bang Busters
My Collection of Bang Busters

From Left to Right: Plum, Raspberry Glo Hyperstripe/ Plum; Inkwell Paisley/ Inkwell; Raspberry Glo/ Black; Ziggy Wee Angel Wing/ White; Raspberry Glo Groovy Stripe/ White; Spry Blue/ Spry Blue, Beaming Blue Laceoflage; Spring Has Sprung; Pink Shell; Beach Blanket Blue/ Aquamarine; Hyperstripe Blue Moon; Blue Moon. Finally, at the bottom is Pinkelcious/ Pinkelicious Fangipani

Bang Busters

Another pic, just because.

Since this blog is primarily about buying & selling Lulu, I will mention that most of the headbands retain their value well. You can usually get back what you paid, particularly with Bang Busters & other popular models of headbands, like the Slipless. I see Bang Busters mostly selling for around retail, maybe a little less, on eBay. I don’t know if it’s a perceived value thing, or if it’s just such a small item that people don’t think twice about spending $20. I’ve only ever seen Blurred Blossom Bang Busters sell for well above retail in the after market.

I suggest buying these in-store or online at full price. I’ve never seen them on Mark Down, or heard about them making it to the outlets. If you’ve seen them at the outlets, please correct me. They usually sell out online after a few days, once they’ve been uploaded (depending on the colorway), from what I can tell. They are pretty amazing, if you get a chance, you should try them out!

UPDATE: 29th of June, 2014

So, it’s been about 9 months and I STILL LOVE this headband. They’re still the only ones I buy and I wear them constantly. I just wanted to give an update, since it has been a while. I have only seen these on markdown once since writing this post. So, I still think it’s a good idea to buy them full price if you want them. However, since I last wrote, I think Lululemon has recognized their popularity, so most of the time if you don’t buy them on upload night, you can wait a few days (or even weeks!) if you want to or need to before getting them. Whereas before they would sell out in one night, I often see them available for two weeks or more. So, I’m glad Lululemon has increased production based on demand.

I also thought it would be fun to do a collection update photo!

These are the ones I've added over the past 9 months.
These are the ones I’ve added over the past 9 months.

From Left to Right: Not So Petit Fleur/ Antidote, Deep Zinfandel/ Bleached Coral, Pretty Pink Salom Stripe/ Pretty Pink,  Brisk Bloom Black White/ Black, Paris Perfection, Pop Petal Multi, Assorted Stripe Surge/Surge, Heathered Lavender Dusk/ White, Wamo Camo Barely Pink / Slate,

And here they are all together!

Here's my collection right now.
Here’s my collection right now.

I really love this photo for two reasons. First of all: Look at all those awesome Bang Busters! Nearly a 5-Star rating on and over 150 reviews! And Second: I think this is a great way to compare some of these colors! See how similar Raspberry Glo is to Paris Perfection!?

What do you think!? Love ’em or hate ’em I’d be happy to know your opinion!




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