Lululemon Outfit of the Day- 54

Hello Internet people! today I’m wearing my Parallel Stripe Wunder Under Crops with a Scuba in Commuter Denim Black, a plain black Cool Racerback & a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Once again, the necklace is from BaubleBar. Thanks for looking!


Author: lululemonexpert

Blogger, Lululemon Enthusiast, Polyglot, Autodidact

3 thoughts on “Lululemon Outfit of the Day- 54”

  1. I wish I read your blog before buying my daughter Lululemon on eBay the seller “carlous68” claimed they were authentic and ripped the tag off of the actual tag like you showed how it will be not be hanging it must’ve been there because somebody ripped it made a rip in it and one thing I did notice that might help people to read your blog description on Lulu lemons that are not sewn in a diamond shape when true lulu lemons are sewn in a triangle we have real ones and they’re all triangles . By the time we realized that they were not Lululemon’s and found an accurate one to match up to it was too late to dispute so we put a claim in to this by the seller and will going to see what they want to do before we leave bad feedback .


    1. Hey Pam! Thanks for commenting! Yes, one of the reasons I write this blog is to help people. You must be talking about my post about fakes. Also: many of Lululemon’s pants have triangle gussets (the piece sewn into the crotch area), but lots of them (the older ones) have diamond gussets, so if that’s the triangle you’re talking about you might just have an older pair on your hands. If I were you I might still try to talk to eBay, as they usually side with the buyer anyways. Sorry about what happened! I hope everything turns out OK!


    2. Hey there! I just took a minute to review “carlous68″‘s seller page and I have to admit, I’m pretty concerned that the ones you received probably are fakes. Whenever a seller doesn’t post photos of the actual product, and only posts stock photos, that concerns me. Also: this seller is selling only new with tags items, of various sizes and for less than half retail. This is very concerning to me- I hope eBay refunds you!


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